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How to learn body language?

Study of body language and  body postures

Getting information about others or reading the feelings of the heart of other people without speaking or with the help of body postures is the science of body language (Study of body language). To get this knowledge, you will have to remember some things in your brain and these things are as mentioned below-

How to read body language?

Study of body language

First of all, you will have to study the feelings which arise from inside in a person and for it, you will have to observe towards the body organs of a person at least for 10 -15 minutes. you will have to observe towards each body organ of the person how he moves his body organs while speaking or what type of indications are being given by the luster of his eyes and how his eyeballs and eyebrows are working.

Observe to those people who came for dismissing their relatives by standing on the railway platform. Tears come in the eyes of many people as the train leaves. The hands of those people who are standing on the platform start to tremble too.

One thing becomes clear when people face adieu, tears come in their eyes and their voice does not work. hands are raised but there is no movement in them. When a kind of cold sigh comes from the heart, the whole grief of the soul comes through body organs.

But on the contrary, a train is coming on the platform and some people have come there for receiving their relatives. Just imagine that the comer is coming from the foreign country. all the persons present there are waiting for them. men and women are present there. they have garlands and bouquets in their hands.

As the comers come out from the car, all the people welcome him and a kind of laugh is present on their faces. They embrace to the comer again and again. The whole atmosphere becomes happy and this happiness and pleasure can be seen on the faces and eyes of all the people.

People take them in the grip of their arms and embrace. They become so much happy at that time that they are not able in speaking anything but the thing becomes clear that all the people are very happy by not speaking any word.

Now, both scenes are before you viz the scenes of happiness and grief or laughing and weeping. No single word work in both the scenes but how you are able to know that one situation is related to happiness and another situation is related to grief.

It is only body language which makes you sure about both situations. This thing shows who are sad and who are happy. understand the body language of unhappy people and try to understand their mental feelings on their face, eyes, postures of lips while saying goodbye by paying much attention. Try to study the body organs of the person minutely how the body organs of the people are working at the time of separation.

Then, observe the people on the other side who are dancing happily and happiness is present on the face. They are welcoming to the comers with garlands and they are kissing their foreheads.

Study body organs of both sides. Thus, you will start to get the knowledge of body language. Several kinds of seen can be seen in big cities and village where you can know the situation and the feelings of the people with the help of the deeds done by their body organs. It is a kind of education and a person learns it by the people.

The knowledge of this language can be gotten by taking the indications of his heart and the indications of the heart of other people. sometimes, you should keep the television on mute mode for 10- 15 minutes while watching television and try to understand by watching the movie what the characters of the movie are saying to each other.

You should try to know what they are speaking only by the postures of their body language.

Then, remove the television from the mute mode and guess how much you were right or wrong about the characters acting in the movie.

It is being considered a very good example to get the knowledge of body language (Study of body language). It is the finest way for the people who want to learn this language because you practice too at the time of learning this language.

Some ways of the knowledge of body language are being described on the base of above-mentioned things. with these way, you can become a successful teacher of this language by going forwardly in the laboratory of life by finding out several paths for yourself.

This is the only education which is gotten from the human body. no work is done by the tongue in it but everything is done on the base of acumen.

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