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IMC Business Plan

About IMC Business Plan

IMC Business has become even easier now, as the company has made a big change in the business plan which is going to be implemented from April 2020. Information about new business plan of IMC is given here.

Friends, today we are going to talk about the IMC business plan. How is IMC’s income plan and how do you get income from it? Along with this, we will also know how people are earning lakhs of rupees a month from IMC Business.

If you are new in network marketing, then you do not have to understand this IMC business plan completely in the first time, so you only get the information up to the superstar level first and for this you can go to your upline or from whom you Getting complete Take complete information from them.

Before doing this network marketing, you should know what is IMC? And why should you do IMC Business?

What are the benefits you will get after joining IMC Business?

  1. Own business with no investment
  2. IMC product discounts up to 40%
  3. Performance incentive – up to 10-35%
  4. Special Incentive Award up to 17%
  5. Leadership Bonus 13%
  6. Super Star Fund – 2%
  7. Traveling Fund – 2%
  8. Motorbike Fund – 2%
  9. Car Fund – 2%
  10. House Fund – 2%
  11. Chairman Star Fund – 2%
  12. Ambassador Star Fund – 1%
  13. Crown Ambassador Star Fund – 1%
  14. President Star Fund – 1%
  15. Crown President Star Fund – 0.5%
  16. Annual royalty bonus – up to 4%

All these percentages are calculated based on the turnover of the IMC company. As your level increases in this business, you get different types of funds.

How to make Income in IMC?

To get income in this business you do not have to do any different work, you have to do what you have been doing till now, just you have to change your shop.

For the last several years, you have been buying your home necessities from some shop. So far, you will have spent a lot of money buying a house.

The shopkeeper, wholesaler, distributor, and factory owner must have earned a considerable amount by taking money from you.

But what did you get? Did they give you some income in return for this?

Now you have to change this system, you can buy goods from any IMC store across India by becoming an IMC associate for free, what benefits you will get from this are given below-

  1. High quality product
  2. Chemical and non-adulterated goods
  3. Reasonable price product that anyone can buy
  4. The biggest thing is that this system gives you a chance to earn money.
  5. You can also make a great career in this business.

Let us now talk about its business plan, and know how to earn money from IMC:

  1. After Free Joining, you get a user ID. By stating your ID from any IMC store or tehsil distributor, you can get goods at a discount of 10% to 40%.
  2. Whenever you buy a product through your ID, you get some points on every product which is called Business Volume (BV).
  3. These Business Value are added every month and never decrease (ie accumulate).
  4. You can join people by giving information about the quality and business of the product to people of your own kind. And that’s how you can build your team.
  5. People of your team buy IMC product anywhere anytime, then you will get its commission.
  6. When your downline, ie members of your team buy the product, they will get BV as well as the same BV will be added to your ID.
  7. Your level and income is calculated based on the total BV points of you and your team.

Let us now know how many points you will achieve on BV:

BVLevel NameCommission Percentage
1001Star 110%
7501Star 220%
25001Star 325%
75001Star 430%
150001Super Star35%

If you achieve the level of 10% to 35% in IMC, then it is called basic levels, after this, there are levels like Silver, Gold, Ruby, which we are giving below.

Once you achieve a level, then your level is never reduced below that.

How to calculate income in IMC business?

  1. When you and your down line together do 1001 BV business, you reach 10% level. In such a situation, you will get 10% income of your BV.
  2. When you and your team together do business of 7501 BV, then your income becomes 20%.
  3. Similarly, every month BV gets added and when you reach 150001 BV then this level is called Super Star level where 35% of income starts getting you and with it also starts getting Super Star Fund.

How to get level quickly in IMC?

To achieve the level as quickly as possible, some offers have also been given by the company, which you can also call a shortcut method like:

  • Fast 10%: This offer is for a limited time and this offer is brought from time to time by the company so that new people can take advantage of it. In this you can get 10% level in a single day at least point. You can contact us for this information.
  • Fast 20%: This is also a limited period offer. 20% level can be found directly from this. You can contact us for complete information about this.
  • Fast 25%: This offer has now been added to the plan forever. In this, if an associate creates 7501 BV in a single month, then he will get the direct 25% level.
  • Fast 35%: This is the easiest way to become a superstar. This too has now been permanently added to the plan. According to this, if you make 75001 BV in the same month or with your down line team in 2 months to 100,000 BV then you will get 35% level.

How big income comes in IMC Business?

You must have heard that many people in IMC get income of lakhs of rupees a month, now you must be wondering how this happens?
Let’s know …

Basic income is received up to the superstar level, real earning starts after this. By reaching this level, you learn this business very well.
Now you teach your down line how to do business and help them to become super star too. With this you get further levels.

There are many other levels ahead like this:

Qualified Super Star:

By the time you reach the 35% level, you have a team of many people and when the whole team together does 30000 BV in the same month, then you become a qualified superstar that month.

Here you get 2% commission of Super Star Fund i.e. company turnover.

Silver Star Associate (38%):

When a person in your down line becomes a Qualified Super star and in addition to 30000 PGBV, then you become a Silver Star.

  1. Here your commission level becomes 38%.
  2. Get Leadership Bonus.
  3. Traveling Fund (2%) is also available.

Gold Star Associate (41%):

When you become two qualified superstars in different legs of your downline and make 25000 PGBV in addition, you achieve this level.

  1. Will receive 41% profit
  2. Leadership Bonus
  3. Traveling Fund (2%)
  4. Bike Fund (2%) is given.

Ruby Star Associate (44%):

To reach here, you must have 3 qualified superstars in different legs of your downline.

  1. 44% will get profit
  2. Leadership Bonus
  3. Traveling Fund (2%)
  4. Bike Fund (2%)
  5. Car Fund (2%)
  6. Meeting Fund (0.5%) is given.

Diamond Star Associate (47%):

When you have 4 qualified superstars in different downlines, you become a diamond star.

  1. Will achieve 47% profit level
  2. Leadership Bonus
  3. Traveling Fund (2%)
  4. Bike Fund (2%)
  5. Car Fund (2%)
  6. House Fund (2%)
  7. Meeting Fund (0.5%) is given.

Chairman Star Associate (50%):

If you have 5 qualified superstars in different legs then you become the chairman star.

  1. Will achieve 50% profit level
  2. Leadership Bonus
  3. Traveling Fund (2%)
  4. Bike Fund (2%)
  5. Car Fund (2%)
  6. House Fund (2%)
  7. Chairman Fund (2%)
  8. Meeting Fund (0.5%) is given.

Beyond this, many other levels are under the IMC Business Plan, which we will mention further. These levels are like Ambassador Star, Crown Ambassador, President Star, Crown President and Kohinoor

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