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Impact of pictures, colors and light used in house

Impact of pictures, colors and light used in house

Impact of pictures, colors and light: It is said that as like one sees, hears and acts as the impacts of rituals fall on him. As like the impacts of the rituals fall as he gets inspiration to act. As like thoughts appear in his mind as he acts. Which type of work he does, the same rituals appear in his heal. And, finally his nature is become like that of this repeated ritual.

The mind, mind and heart, which are considered helpful to the individual’s soul, are always awake (in the state of sleeping). So one does not able to know that which type of facts his heart is receiving by seeing and hearing. Whatever his heart has received as knowingly and unknowingly, he starts doing work like that.


Drawing pictures is considered as the identity of the imagination and creativity of an artist. Whatever emotion the artist had filled in the picture through colors, will always be left in that picture. It is a type of quality (properties) that every artist gets.

The impact of picture seen before falls deeply on man’s heart. By looking the picture with fully concentration, the emotions, subject and colors of the picture are left their marks strongly on one’s heart. So, only good picture should be used in a house, but the picture showing negative effects should never be used inside a house like- picture showing fight, showing two people as fighting with each other, picture of injured or hurt people, picture of painful person, mad, or sexual picture of naked or partial naked man or woman, pictures of fire, owl, vulture, serpentine, fox, elephant, horse, ugly face, or any other pictures related to them.

If you want to show (use) images or pictures inside your house, you can use pictures related to Om, Swastika, lord of wealth ‘Kuber’, Goddess of wealth ‘Maa Lakshmi’, the vehicles of lord Shiva ‘Nandi’, cow and calf, attractive flowers, rose, lotus, dancing women, beautiful and healthy child, good looking birds like- peacock, duck, pictures of family deity, etc. in addition to them, pictures giving inspiration should be used inside the house so that soul could get good properties.

 Light and color

In our solar system, the sun has been considered as the main source of heat and light. From sunrise to afternoon, ultraviolet rays obtain from the sunlight that is considered as very useful for animal kingdom. Trees and plants prepare their food (carbohydrate) through the process of photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight and release oxygen.

Shudham apapavidhamm kavih maneeshee swayanbhu paribhu.

Vyadadhashwashateebhya samabhyah.

The colors and light has been considered as the main base of life. Color is hidden inside the light. From the ancient time, Indian saints were known about the seven colors of light, their waves and their energy hidden in them. This fact has been scripted here and there in Vedic literature. Science has not examined it like this. But, also the Vedic scientist of this modern age has not able to present the results of Vedic literature on the basis of any practical base. But, modern science reaches to any solid result, it proves only Vedic information, it is absolutely right.

Color is hidden inside the light resulting it affects greatly. When light falls on a surface, it absorbs them and the color waves it reflects is known as scene. There is a deep relation between this light and color. Its affects also fall deeply on one’s heart. So, one should need to arrange milky light inside his house as far as possible.

Selection of aspect and color of a house

Vastu experts have also described about color effects on a person in respect of any direction. On the aspect of a house too, it has been described how we select colors like-

WhiteFor the house facing towards East and north-west directions
GreenFor the house facing towards north, south-east, south-west directions.
Bloody, orange or pinkSouth facing
Blue, sky blueWest facing.

Vastu Shastra for Home

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