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Land Information | Symptom or Sign of Plot

Land: Symptom or Sign of Plot

Symptom or Sign of Land (Plot)

Most of the people believe that Vastu Shastra is for constructing house only, but actually it is very wide. From signs of the plot to its examining (testing), process of making it holy or pure, construction on it, procedures of shantikarma, house-warming ceremony, rules (principles) of living inside the house, its surroundings as well as information about graham and tyajya trees, etc. all are known as the part of Vastu Shastra. Therefore, it has been divided into two sections for study, which are as follow-

  1. Vaastu principles for land (plot).
  2. Vaastu principles for the construction of house.

For knowing (studying) Vastu Shastra, first of all it is very necessary to have knowledge about its directions and kon (corners) and then only, it can be observed about it after dividing the directions and corners. It is describing here in a very simple way-

There are four main directions believed-

  • North direction.
  • South direction.
  • East direction.
  • West direction.

In this series, north-east (Eshan), south-east (Aagney), south-west (Naitritya), north-west (Vayavya), etc. are known as four corners or sub-directions.

Division of plot or a piece of land– A plot or piece of land has been divided into four and eight sections (areas) on the basis of direction and corners, which are as follow-

  • North-east (Eshan) area.
  • South-east (Aagney) area.
  • South-west (Naitritya) area.
  • North-west (Vayavya) area.

Division of plot into eight sections or areas

  • North area.
  • North-east area.
  • East area.
  • South-east area.
  • South area.
  • South-west area.
  • West area.
  • North-west area.

Selection of plot or a piece of land– Mostly, it has been seen that one should finalizes the lay out (map) of his house without studying the quality of plot. As a result of it, house is not able to be completed properly or one has to face economical or any other disturbances or problems in the construction of his house. This is because of ignoring the quality of the plot or shalyadoshas or starting the construction work without observing auspicious moment.

The construction of house is whether for residential, industrial, commercial purposes or for museum or for domesticating animals, etc., construction should never be started on a plot without studying its characteristics (quality).

A plot or piece of land should be selected carefully and according to Vastu Shastra for the construction of house otherwise obstruction or disturbance may come during construction or after purchasing plot due to many types of losses or mental discomposure. The negative impacts of it falls directly also on the plot, the master of it, his family members, his business, etc. thus, if plot or piece of land would be purchased in auspicious moment and on the basis of its quality (characteristics), it is considered as good and result oriented.

First of all, one should be careful while selecting a plot and must select such a plot which have grass, different types of trees and plants, flowering plants, water sources, etc.

The plot is also studied on the basis of its color. The plot having soil in white, green, red, greenish red and black appearances is considered as good in serial number. In earlier age, plot for Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and shudra according to the color of its soil has been described in shaastras (books). But, today it is not appropriate. It is because of shortage of land. One should select such a plot for the construction of his house which is greenery, having trees, creepers, fragrant and which could attract anyone easily.

Constructing house on irregular piece of land or plot, destructive plot, etc. is responsible for different types of disturbances, loss and mental discomposure.

In old shaastras, it is described clearly to check or examine the plot before starting construction work on it. According to this fact, a pit was dug about one hand deep and filled water in it and the quality of plot was examined by observing pit’s water at a distance about 100 steps from the pit.

Examination or testing of land (plot) – First of all, dig a pit in the plot to be purchased and fill water it, if the pit remains as filled with water up to next morning, this type of plot is considered as good and beneficial. If water is dried up, the plot is considered as average and if the plot is cracked, this type of plot should never be purchased, because it is harmful for him.   

If water filled in a pit is left less than half, such plot is not considered as good or auspicious for constructing house. like this, on the basis of one’s or his city’s zodiac signs, as like the constellation and gana of bride and groom are matched for marriage as this activity is done for the land and its master. Facts about selection of plot on this basis and construction of house on it have been described in shaastras. In modern age, if house would be constructed by keeping these facts in the mind, the house is considered as auspicious according to Indian Vastu Shastra. The materials suppressed inside land should also be dug out before constructing house, because things or materials like bones, hair, dirty clothes, eggs, etc. present under soil are responsible for various types of problems to the master of the house and his family members. Sometimes, it is very difficult or impossible task to dig out stones suppressed inside land after completion of house, resulting dosha (defects) are left in the house even after being completed a beautiful house.

Today, mental detector and other devices or instrument are used for this purpose. If one wants to construct basement in his house, defective materials can be also bring out while constructing it.

According to old manners (rules and regulations), plot was made holy or pure by using cow’s dung and urine. In addition to it, various types of methods were also followed for this purpose, but all these were not used in modern time as well as normal water shalyodhar can be found on the basis of them. Therefore, for selection of plot and before constructing house, if one would keep these facts in his mind, doshas (defects) of plot can be eliminated.

For construction of house on selected plot, it is also very necessary to observe the shape and size of that plot. The plot must be in the angle of 90°. If any corner or direction of a plot would not be defective or irregular, such type of plot is considered as good and beneficial for constructing house.

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