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Litrature of Vaastu Shastra

Litrature of Vaastu Shastra: Many ancient saints and scholars of India have studied well about the basic needs and living place of human being. Vaastu shaastra is just the result of these studies and analysis. Many approved granthas (books) related to vaastu shaastra are available. Like-

  1. Skanda purana– The principles related to city’s plan, have been described in it.
  2. Agni purana– The principles related of residential (living) house, have been described in it.
  3. Vayu purana– The principles related to constructing temples at higher place, have been described in it.
  4. Garoor purana– The principles related to residential house and temples have been described in it.
  5. Narad purana– The principles related to water place, well, dull and temples have been described in it.
  6. Matasya purana– The principles related to architecture on stones, celebrating place, pillars, etc., have been described in it.

Besides shastriya granthas, the information about vaastu related topics are available also in Vedic literature, Ramayana, Ashtadhyayi economics, Mahabharata, Jain and Boddha granthas, Vrihatsahita, etc.

Other important granthas of vaastu shaastra are as follow-

Vishwakarma prakash, Samarangan sootradhara, Vaastu ratnavali, Shilp sangraha, Vishwakarmiya shilp, Mayamat, Chitra lakshana, Rajavallabha, Maansar, Vaastu sandesh, Roopmandan, Muhurtamartandya, Halayudha Kosha, Vrihadastumala samarangan vaastu shaastra, etc. in all these granthas, very beautiful principles of grahas have been described, but the grantha named Samarangan sootradhara has its own importance. The vaastu defects of the house constructed according to it can be eliminated by another way without breakings in it. Today, the people fear to consult an expert of vaastu shaastra even have desire for it, because if he advice them for breakings in the house, they may have to face extra expenses.

Shaastram karma tatha pragyasheelam cha kriyayanvitam.

Lakshyalakshanayuktarthanshaastranishtho naro bhavet.

It means that the sthapit should be expert in shaastra knowledge and practical works. He must be pragyavan and sheelvan. The samyak knowledge of graham or house according to symptoms is restricted after them.

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