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Meaning of showing thumbs up

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Meaning of showing thumbs up is different in our country and western countries. In India, giving something to someone is considered the meaning of showing thumbs up in India. Some people say it showing thumb (thenga) too but ‘Best of Luck’ is its meaning in western countries. When two friends in western countries take adieu to each other, they show their thumb in place of shaking hands. Showing thumb is considered the symbol of power in many countries.

Thumbs in the human body are same but the meaning of their language is taken different. We do most of deeds through these symbols more than the language. Our thumb has a very important place in our language of body organs. In the ancient time, when people are little bit educated, the women used to use their right thumb symbol and men used to use left thumb symbol in place of signature. Many people are uneducated in our country even in this age and they use their symbol of thumb in place of signature. It is sufficient to know the importance of thumb.

When human beings had no language for speaking, they used to do all the works with the symbols of hands. Monkeys do all the deeds like human being and the only difference between monkeys and human beings is that human beings have not four legs and they use their language too but when there was no language of human being, they used to do all the deeds by the help of body language like monkeys.

In the Second World War, when England got victory over Germany, the prime minister of England showed a symbol V for the victory. Since then, there is great importance of this word V. People call it V for victory too but this word was not spoken fully but people of England started to show two fingers close by the thumb for the happiness of victory. Thus, one more word included in the dictionary of body language. This word has become so popular gradually that it is being used all over the world at present.

Once, when the family planning program was on its height in India, some people described its meaning as ‘we two our two’.

In our houses, when breads are asked to eat, this kind of symbol is made. When children ask two rupees or two things are taken from any shop, this symbol is used for indicating 2.

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