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Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

MI Lifestyle

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is an immediate selling organization that manages a scope of exhaustive and quality way of life items for everyday life. Our point is to convey the best items to our consumer, who structures the center of the organization, straightforwardly. We guarantee that our organization of enrolled merchants are prepared pioneers and customers gets best with exceptional advantages and profitable chances, on account of the expanding strength of direct selling industry in the nation.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited., (thus after in the blink of an eye alluded as Mi Lifestyle Marketing) has created business brands inside itself, every one of which is a different business personality in itself.

MI LIFESTYLE – Direct selling (www.milifestylemarketing.com)

This advances the brands just as immediate selling industry among the client community. Thus, MI Lifestyle gives business chances to people as well as present the reasonableness factor in the adroitly planned accommodation shopping model which are continually associated with their day by day exercises.

MI Lifestyle offers benefits like:

  • Upgraded way of life through Excellent items.
  • Adaptable and dependable shopping/selling models.
  • Money related opportunity with vocation opportunity.
  • Splendid extent of extension.

MI Lifestyle Marketing Business:

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited puts stock in Enhancing Lifestyle and Fulfilling Dreams of each person in our wide organization of wholesalers and consumers. We offer a steady wellspring of boundless salary and open doors for our enrolled merchants by keeping up a total scope of way of life items that they offer to the clients according to their prerequisite and necessities.

We likewise have a basic ‘Client Registration Process’ through which we include new clients into our client organization. These clients get all the rights as a shopper and benefits being an enlisted client. They can likewise request for the distributorship in the event that they need to win an additional pay by turning into our enlisted Independent Distributor. We don’t gather any Registration Charges and its completely FREE AND EASY to get selected as Customer/Registered Distributor.

Business Opportunity at Mi Lifestyle Marketing:

It won’t not be wrong in the event that we state that we are living in a period where estimation of cash is going down step by step and the costs of items have arrived at a disturbing altitude. It has gotten truly hard for families to support their current expectation for everyday comforts and have control of their future simultaneously.

All the difficult work the bread-worker of your family interposes is clearly not bringing about a lot. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to help your family with that additional salary for a future pad, the greatest open door that you have today is the Direct Selling Model of Mi Lifestyle Marketing.

Through Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Business Model, people get a chance to spend less and procure more. It becomes conceivable when people go along with one of the quickest developing organizations of direct selling merchants, which Mi Lifestyle Marketing supports, as a wholesaler. Our merchants get benefit to arrange items at Distributor’s Price (DP Price), which is not exactly the MRP. This outcomes in expanded deals and higher income.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited offers a scope of items to shoppers. These items are altered or customized to satisfy the need of our customers. We make results of best that conveys an incentive to the clients as far as quality just as valuing. Following is the combination of items that we offer to our customers.

Items offered by MI Marketing:

  • Medical services items
  • Way of life items
  • Health and wholesome items (body care, magnificence care, individual consideration and home consideration)

Mi Lifestyle Marketing additionally has tie-up with different marked organizations and corporate for retailing of the items straightforwardly to the customers. Every item is characterized with boundaries like MRP, DP, BV, and so on. Retailing of items is thriving in the cutting-edge exchange starting at now and it has future possibilities also. The fate of this industry just as individuals related with it likewise appears to be brilliant. Along these lines, Mi Lifestyle Marketing expects to give a protected workplace to the individuals of this nation by offering independent work chance to people who wish to make sure about a monetarily steady future for themselves and their relatives.

Distributor Network:

On the off chance that you wish to have money related strength, you may turn into our Independent Distributor by selling our items legitimately to the customers. The clients or people may request for the distributorship by consenting to the organization’s business offering and terms and conditions and by withstanding to the set of principles. People could turn into our wholesaler and get set in the all the way open organization of Organisation1 or Organization 2, according to the speaker’s decision. The merchants are qualified for request our items/administrations at Distributor’s (DP) Price.

Customer network:

Our wholesalers may allude new clients through ‘Client Registration Process. However, these clients won’t exist in the Business Opportunity framework (family history/merchant) organization.

Their preferred clients will purchase results at the given MRP Price; separate BVs will be accounted as self BVs of their presenting merchant. The purchaser isn’t entitled for any Facilitation Income or money related advantages from the organization, yet they will have all rights as a buyer and benefits being an enlisted customer.

How to Become MI Lifestyle Independent/Customer Distributor:


You may join the developing organization of Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited., as a profited purchaser. For turning into a favored shopper, you need a merchant of Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited., Marketing to enroll you as another purchaser through Customer Registration Form and there is no Registration Fee required to become as a Customer. As a client, you will purchase our great unique results of your decision at a MRP through our confided in wholesalers. As a customer, you are not entitled for any commissions or money related advantages from the organization, yet you will have all the rights as a shopper and benefits being an enrolled buyer. You may, nonetheless, become entitled for financial advantages too, in the event that you select to turn into an enrolled wholesaler of the organization.

Independent Distributor:

In the event that you wish to turn into the Independent Distributor of Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited., and be an aspect of our wide spread distributorship organization, you should acknowledge the business offering of the organization. You will likewise need to keep the terms and conditions and set of accepted rules of the Mi Lifestyle Marketing.

You may turn into our wholesaler and go into business with no Registration Fee as its FREE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. To turn into a wholesaler of Mi Lifestyle Marketing, you simply need a speaker, somebody who is as of now in the merchant organization of Mi Lifestyle Marketing. When you become an enlisted wholesaler, you will ready to get items at DP (which is not exactly MRP). In this way, you will begin acquiring from the day you become our enrolled wholesaler.

The plan of action of Lifestyle Marketing is entirely adaptable and intended to profit both the wholesaler and the purchaser. You may turn into an aspect of our developing business network by tolerating our full-time distributorship or turning into low maintenance wholesaler. It carries uncommon chances to the individuals who wish to have a free business absent a lot of danger and capital speculation.

MI Lifestyle Contact Details:

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
No 25, 2nd Floor,
Lanco House, G.N Chetty Road,
T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017

Email: info@milifestylemarketing.com

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