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Nexmoney Business App


NEXMONEY Begun the excursion from 01 Jan 2017 and acquired merchant of 1000 (approx.) in initial 3 months and in excess of 5000 enlisted client from everywhere India like Pune, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Punjab, Chennai, Bangalore and so forth, and is developing quickly step by step

NEXMONEY is an online gateway to give top notch administrations to its clients, a specialty unit of NEXMONEY ENTERPRISES an organization enrolled in Pune To begin with we are giving after on-line revive administrations: Prepaid Mobile telephones DTH Prepaid Data card

NEXMONEY methodology is to completely comprehend client needs – Team NEXMONEY Recharge thoroughly considers from the origin of a plan to execution and its last conveyance. This is the mystery to provide a brilliant client experience.

NEXMONEY realize that your time is significant. They will likely disentangle the cycle with the end goal so that you don’t have to remain brief longer than needed on our site or applications.

The innovations are changing and NEXMONEY Recharge offers types of assistance from any place and at whatever point you need. NEXMONEY Recharge is additionally outfitted with a protected online wallet called NEXMONEY Wallet.

NEXMONEY simply don’t need the way toward reviving helpful, they make it fulfilling, by method of rebate coupons. They give you markdown coupons from top shopping centers, eateries, travel organizations and well known retailers, conveyed to your inbox or portable. Utilize the coupons to set aside cash when you shop, eat out, watch films, book travel tickets, shop on the web, visit a salon, go gaming, get books, music, staple goods and appreciate with your family.

A simple and moment reviving process bother free online experience sheltered and secure installment process Discount coupons important for you, conveyed in your inbox or mobile Simple voucher recovery with no shrouded expenses or complex terms and conditions you would need to return to us once more.

The organization is overseen by a group of experts. Our group is prepared and gives committed time in planning each new element and fixates on the littlest of subtleties. NEXMONEY CEO is advanced with over 10 years of work insight and Client Delight is the most significant motivation behind this association.

Vision of NEXMONEY:

  • With the vision of turning out to be open wallet (bank) and to give heaps of administrations in monetary and online business in not so distant future.
  • Through our b2b module we increment the free worker all through India and in future abroad too.
  • To give all important exchanges in a single stage.

Strengths of NEXMONEY:

  • Shortlisted as a finalist at Amazon fire up program held at Bangalore.
  • Awarded with rising startup by appointee PM of Bangkok at Bangkok.
  • Best develop fire up application of India in pioneer’s culmination, Dubai by world administration organization.
  • Call by Karnataka govt. For startup uphold.
  • Shortlisted as expected beginning up in Bihar and a lot more inside a quarter of a year of dispatching

NEXMONEY Business Plan:

You have to pay Rs.1500 + GST duty of Rs.270 to overhaul and turn into our reputed marketer to utilize all the administrations under one roof.

At the point when we overhaul we get RS 1550 prizes focuses for shopping, booking and nearby vendor/administrations utilization according to limit gave by them, and we will get distributorship for all the results of the organization, indeed, even in future any item comes to NEXMONEY we will be given distributorship consequently without paying any extra amount. Next you are qualified for alluding to bring in cash. Winning system is discretionary however you can acquire in six different ways.

NEXMONEY Types of Income:

  • Saving Income
  • Level Plan
  • Company Royalty / Merchant Royalty / Self Royalty
  • Tier 10 referral plan
  • Auto Binary

Savings: Whatever you get as a money back is you’re sparing and sparing is your essential gaining this is your first kind of salary.

Referral Plans:  Everywhere we allude things we like however we didn’t get anything rather we present our reference program which acquires you a great deal for first level that is your immediate reference you get RS 300 that is 20% of the distributorship cost. I.E on the off chance that you allude 5 man you get- 5 x 300 = RS 1500/ –

How to Refer:

Three ways you can allude:

1st Way:

  1. Request that your companion download from play store “NexMoney” application
  2. At that point do sign up….By putting your username as reference id
  3. At that point overhaul your application to utilize the administrations and winning.

2nd Way:

  1. If your companion is close by open your application and do “Allude A Friend” and fill the subtleties.
  2. Then do login and overhaul the application to utilize.

3rd Way:

  1. Go to share outside reference through your application
  2. Share it with your companion through WhatsApp or Facebook, messages and so forth
  3. And request that he click the connection and make sign up…and redesign and utilize the services.

Income Plan:

You will procure up to 10 level at your Referral pay.

Level 1: For Direct Referral, Get Rs.300 each individual for example 300 X 5 = Rs.1500 In your wallet.

Level 2: On the off chance that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 25 individual and motivating force will get you Rs.30 every individual I.e. 25×30 =Rs.750/ – in your wallet.

Level 3: In the event that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 125 individual and motivation will get you Rs.45/ – every individual I.e. 125 x 45 = Rs.5625/ – in your wallet.

Level 4: On the off chance that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 625 man furthermore, impetus will get you Rs.60/ – every individual I.e. 625 x 60 = Rs.37500/ – in your wallet.

Level 5: On the off chance that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 3125 man and motivation will get you Rs.75/ – each individual I.e. 3125 x 75 = Rs.234375/ – in your wallet.

Level 6: In the event that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 15625 individual and motivator will get you Rs.90/ – every individual For example 15625 x 90=Rs.1406250/ – in your wallet.

Level 7: In the event that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 78125 man also, motivating force will get you Rs.105/ – every individual For example 78125 x 105 = Rs.8203125/ – in your wallet.

Level 8: On the off chance that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 390625 individual and motivating force will get you Rs.120/ – every individual For example 390625 x 120= Rs.4.7 Cr/ – in your wallet.

Level 9: In the event that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 1953125 individual and motivation will get you Rs.135/ – every individual I.e. 1953125 x 135 = Rs.26.5 Cr/ – in your wallet.

Level 10: On the off chance that your group allude 5 man every, you will get group 9765625 individual and impetus will get you Rs.150/ – every individual For example 9765625 x 150 = Rs.146Cr/ – in your wallet.


  1. On the off chance that your group having 5 direct reference every, You will get group 5 man and motivating force will get you eminence 1%
  2. If your group having 5 direct reference , You will get group 25 man and motivating force will get you eminence 2%
  3. If your group having 5 direct reference , You will get group 125 man and motivating force will get you eminence 3%

Company Royalty:

If your group having 5 direct reference, you will get group 625 man and motivating force then you will get Organization eminence.

Repurchase Income:

25% OFF money back is offered up to 10 level as a repurchase along these lines, whatever exchanges done by group (either shopping , booking ,energize ,and so forth) you will get pay from that exchanges. Assume your group are doing exchanges and getting 100000/ – C.B. The 25% (RS 25000) will be circulated to 10 level I.E 2500 to each one.

Merchant Royalty:

Trader including our application is liberated from dealer application which is just done by our NexMoney wholesalers and dealer need to give some limit to our merchants we will give posting and additional business chances to the enrolled shipper or administrations.

NEXMONEY Contact Details:

Address: Office: 1417/18,

Nav Sunita Appt., Nr Saniwarwada,

Kasba Peth,

Pune, Maharashtra – 411011

Phone: 8800300123

Email: care@nexgenonline.in

NexMoney Joining Free

NexMoney Refer ID: VKSingh99

Nex Money Business Plan

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