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🤝Ok Life Care Joining Online Free | New Registration

Ok Life Care Joining Online

Ok Life Care Joining Online 🤝

Ok Life Care Joining: 80% of people in India look at the rate of any product before purchasing, in such a situation, if you are joining a network marketing company, it is very important to look at the rate of the product, because stability will come in your business, when the product continues to sell again and again. One thing and your career will be based on the price and quality of the products. If the products are good and at a good rate, then your career will continue to grow.

One time sale can be extracted from Testimonial Story by selling dream, selling demo, selling opportunity.

Business Plan

🤝 Ok Life Care New Registration

OkLifeCare is a network marketing company with which you can earn millions every month by joining. To join Ok Life Care, fill out the form below. OkLifeCare Registration is totally free. You can activate your ID from 500BV depending on which product you take. If you take a health care product, then your ID becomes paid in thousand rupees. If you take an FMCG product then 12, 13 or can go up to ₹1500/-.

OkLifeCare Online Joining Form

After filling the above form, for ID verification, you can send a photo of your Pan Card by clicking on the Whatsapp Button below so that your ID can be KYC after it is created.

Earn more money per month

If you want a regular sale like the traditional market, then before joining the company, you must check the rate and quality of its product.

Then when the product is sold at the right rate, people will open their arms and join network marketing.

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Oklifecare Daily Use Products and DP Price

1. Ok smile Toothpaste: ₹ 45/-
2. Hermosa Soap(78% TFM): ₹ 25/-
3. Rice Bran Oil 2Ltr(1400mg Oryzanol): ₹ 280/-
4. Panch Tulsi Drops: ₹152 /-
5. Shampoo 2 in 1: ₹ 100/-
6. Face wash Neem, Aloe: ₹ 100/-
7. Keratin Daily Oil 100ml: ₹ 86/-
8. Indian Tea 250gm: ₹ 84/-
9. Ok Wash powder 1kg: ₹ 90/-
10. Women power: ₹ 240 /-
11. Anti aeging cream: ₹ 160/-
12. BB cream: ₹ 112/-
13. Night Cream: ₹ 112/-

Friends have brought Ok Life Care, the best plan of MLM has not seen or heard of till date.

Ok Life Care Business Plan

7 Types Income:

1. Retail Profit – 10% to 40%

2. Active Bonus – 30% (Company Turnover)
Example: L 🤵 R
↙ ↘
2500 BV 2500 BV
1 ABP = 300 RS

3. Consistency Bonus – 10% (Compamy Turnover)
Example: L 🤵 R
↙ ↘
2500 BV 2500 BV

Regular 3 Months Maintain Karne par 1 Consistency Bonus Point मिलता हैं जिसका Value
1 CBP = 150

4. Super Active Bonus – 15% (Company Turnover)
Example: L 🤵 R
↙ ↘
50000 BV 50000 BV
1 SABP =5000 RS

Active Bonus 20×300 = 6000
Consistency Bonus 20×150 = 3000
Super Active Bonus 1×5000 = 5000
Total Income =14000/Rs

5. Car Fund 🚘-7.5% (Company Turnover)
Regular 50000 BV Maintain 3 Months only once in life. (3500/Rs Approx)

6. House Fund🏠 – 5% (Company Turnover)
Regular 50000 BV Maintain 6 Months only once in life. (4000/Rs Approx)

7. Direct Sponsor Income
10% of direct sponsor income from Single leg also.

If You maintain 6 months 50000 BV then how much income is a calculation given below-

(1) Active Bonus: 6000
(2) Consistency Bonus: 3000
(3)Super Active bonus: 5000
(4)Car found: 3500
(5) House found: 3000
Total income = 21500 +
Flagship income 10% Extra

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Ok Life Care Business Plan

OK Life Care Stores and Shops

Ok Life Care Products List Free Download

Ok Life Care Product Handbook Download

Ok Life Care Profile


Ok Life Care Profile:

  1. The company started with its own 7.5 acre office.
  2. The company has its own 5 TV channel license. Which has 3 on.
  3. The company has 3 universities and 14 colleges.
  4. The company has 42 cinema halls of its own.
  5. The company has also made 6 movies. And right now the next movie with Amitabh Bachan and Shruti Haasan is also being made.
  6. The company has the largest water park in Nepal.
  7. The company has a vision of its hotels.
  8. The company is also a member of assocham.
  9. The company is a member of the P.H.D Chamber and it has 6 scientists and 21 scientists on its panel. That means there are 27 scientists.
  10. The company is coming with its 12 patented products.
  11. The company is also a member of FDSA and IDSA.
  12. The company is a member of the Retail Association of India.
  13. The company currently has 140+ products.

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