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Origin of Vaastu Purusha

Among all the gurus of vaastu shaastra, one was known as ‘Vishwakarma’, he has described about Vaastu Purusha in his approved grantha named ‘Vishwakarma prakash’-

Tamev vaastu purusham brahma samasrijatprabhuh.

Krishnapakshe tritiyamam masi bhadrapade tatha.

In Tretayuga, the Brahma ji had created a giant (huge) purush on third day of krishnapaksha in bhadrapad; by lookin

Vaastu Purusha

g who all the Gods had been feared. Then, all the Gods, after talking with Brahma ji, had pushed him on the ground and sat on him. After that, that Vaastu Purusha said to Brahma ji that what I did with these Gods. The Brahma ji replied that you remained like this, now all men will make the main gate of their house in east direction and worship you before entering in the house. If they would not do like this, you will have full right to become angry on them and they will be died along with facing poverty.

Thus, it is very important to fit main gate of the house and make arrangement for worshiping of Vaastu Purusha on this main gate be

Vaastu Purusha

fore constructing house. In addition to it, whenever you organize religious activity, you must need to give aahuti minimum 5 or 11 times in sacrificial fire with the master’s name of the house.

Location (situation) of Vaastu Purusha in land of house

The Vaastu Purusha lies with the head downwards. His top (head) lies in north-east corner and both the feet lie in south-west corner. Right elbow and knee are towards south-east corner while left elbow and knee are towards north-west corner as shown in given figure as well as the place for living 32 Gods is located around it.

Location (situation) of house’s Vaastu Purusha in vidisha’s land

Vidisha’s land is the land where direction goes on going from one place to other. Few piece of land is not in proper direction. Due to having direction towards corner, the directions (north, east, south and west) are come on the corner and their arms are come towards north-east, south-east, north-west and south-west, etc. corners. But, it does not change the position of Vaastu Purusha. The head of Vaastu Purusha will be towards north-east corner and both his feet will be towards south-west corner. But, due to decreasing up to 30% of the length of Vaastu Purusha from his head to feet in the house of vidisha land, his beauty and gentleness are ended. He will keep on going from one corner to another of the land affected by directions as well as the place affected by the directions too will be limited. The place affected by corners (north-east, south-east, south-west and north-west) will be expanded much. As a result of it, few types of problems may come in the structure of house, because the house will have extra space for kitchen, pooja ghar, dressing room, store room for keeping tools or machines, etc. but, it will have little space for bed room, dining room, study room, guest room, etc. therefore, map for house on vidisha plot should be done through an expert and experienced architecture only. In given figure, vaastu purush has been showing on vidisha plot.

Restriction of the origin of Vaastu Purusha

The writer and creator of Vedic literature has made every type of works as an important part of life by connecting with religion according to science and nature. Indian culture has been coming due to only this property. Many types of proves and 2-3 restrictions are also very famous about the Vaastu Purusha of house.

        All the scientists would not adopt this thing completely, but will believe surely if it is considerable. It can be said like this that there is no doubt that there is a supreme power working in this world that controls everything, it is not other than almighty God. A famous scientist named Albert Einstein has also described about it after studying human beings, subject and his brain. Thus, the God is the creator of whole this world and controls it. A things which is invisible and due to presence of which human beings or any creature of this world are considered as alive, is known as soul. This scientist accepts it as purush in respect of only human being. Like this, another thing that creators this world which has been creating and destroying again and again, called ‘Nature’ by Indian philosophy, it is known by scientists as subject as well as they have also said in this sense that the things created by nature can not be destroyed by any way. Like this, it seems that this great scientist has also proved Vedic Vadgayam. It means that just the God is brain, soul is purush or human being and just the nature is subject. Indian philosophy believes that the God, soul and nature walk together. But they are different to each other in characteristics. By the sachchidanand name of God, all these three powers always living together can be described by following ways-

Sachchidanand- sat-chit-anand-

  • Sat- It is meant by truth- which has existence. Nature, soul and God have existence and all these three powers have been coming from ancient time.
  • Chit- It is meant by conscious structure. All the three powers said above – God (brain), soul (purush or human being) and nature are known as conscious structures. The nature has no the property of consciousness. It only goes on working by itself according to the principles and rules made by the almighty God. As the very popular scientist named Albert Einstein has said that the nature can neither be created nor be destroyed, but she goes on changing her structure by herself.
    • Anand- This word is meant by engaging almighty God always in pleasure (anand). The property of anand is only in God, but not in soul. The God and soul are also similar or dissimilar in many senses.
    • While describing all these three powers said above in respect of vaastu shaastra, the God should be considered as the highest, the soul as the master of house and the nature as the land on which house are located. This land goes on affecting the master of house continuously according to the principle and rules of nature and the Vaastu Purusha is affecting in this way. Actually, the nature, by herself, is a power and as well working on the entire earth as property and religion are working. As well the God has wideness as the nature has. So, also the nature is working on the earth. As well the soul lives in human body like temple as the Vaastu Purusha made by God lives in house like temple. The God presents vaastu on the basis of Vaastu Purusha of the house so that the master of house would get all the four masculinities as well as would get always love, happiness, peace and prosperity. The house constructed according to the principles of Vaastu Purusha provides favorable environment to the people living in this house for getting all types of achievements.

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