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Our organs speak themselves

Body Organ

One idea is coming in your mind by reading this title how body organs of a person speak? Generally, no need to be astonished in it. The body of human being starts to speak just after the birth and thereafter his body organs start to speak as he grows. What is the thing of astonishment in it?

For example, when two persons shake hand and one person shakes his hand with faded heart with the other person, the hand of the person appears like dead. No zest and appears is present in such person whereas the second person shakes his hand enthusiastically, the grip of the second person will be strong.

Shaking hands with faded heart shows clearly that such person is not happy by shaking hand with the second person and he is shaking hand only of showiness. Either he will not do the work which has been uttered by the second person or he will not get success in the completion of that work. He is not refusing for the work through mouth but the feelings which are becoming clear by his loose hands show that he does not want to do that piece of work.

On the contrary, when there is presence of enthusiasm at the time of shaking hands, we should become confirm that both are the testaments of this thing that the work what the want to do will make efforts to do that work with true heart and get success too.

There is a presence of enthusiasm in the hands of both the person and there is a emotion which appear through true heart. The secret of their success is hiding in it. We can know the thing of their hearts through the language of their hands because emotions of their heart have direct relation with the hands.

You can hide what is in your mind but the organs of your body will disclose it themselves. For example, when we do any wrong deed knowingly or unknowingly or commit a mistake, nervousness and fear appear on our face as you would have observed-if 4-5 years old child speaks tells a lie, there is a mental pressure on it.

His mind or heart knows that he has committed a big mistake by speaking tell a lie but he does not accept this mistake by his language because he has spoken untruth which is wrong deed but when the sound comes from his mind or heart that it is untruth and telling a lie is a sin.

As this idea strikes in his brain, the child covers his face by both hands. Such child has been shown in this picture who has spoken untruth but when the sound came from his mind or heart that telling a lie is a wrong deed, he has kept both his hands over the mouth as she is saying what she has done?
Enough, because of this reason, her hands and mouth have started to do their work. she spoke untruth, her hands have tried to cover her mouth. How did it happen?
The sound of the mind has been written on the organs of that child by becoming body language and a person can read that language who has full knowledge about body language.
There is a need to pay attention on one thing that there is a big difference in the body language of a child and the body language of an adolescent. A few people are able in understanding this thing because it is thing of psychological influence.
The influence which falls on the mind or heart inside the human body and the thoughts which originate in the result and the body organs start to do work by the power of thoughts and this thought influences according to age.
In the above picture, you have identified a girl by her body language when she speaks tells a lie what impact falls on the mind or heart of the girl.
Now, look in this picture, the adolescent present in the picture is covering her half lips by two fingers of her hands. Astonishment is clear in her eyes but her eyeballs have not reached towards the brain in astonishment.
By which one can guess easily that she is repenting but there is no influence on her soul. She accepts that she has committed a mistake but it is not so big mistaken for which she may fear.
This adolescent has spoken untruth but the inner soul of this girl is not pure and chaste like that child. Hence, there is not so much influence of untruth on the mind of this person as it has fallen on the child because the power of bearing has increased according to the age.
The small girl has covered her mouth by her both the hands but the adolescent girl has covered her mouth only by her two fingers. The fear can be seen in the eyes of small girl but there is not so much fear in the eyes of adolescent girl. By observing both the pictures, language of the eyes can be read clearly in the eyes of both the small girl and adolescent girl.
Language of these both picture is same but the difference which comes in their meaning is of their age. The small child has not much power in the heart to bear the burden of any sin but the power of soul starts to increase as the child grows in age.
The adolescent has little control on the mind. The fear of the child gets reduced. Such adolescent does not consider it so big sin as it is considered in the childhood.
About this subject, Allan Pease, a famous writer of body language science, has written in his book-
The speed of some gestures and how obvious they look of others is also related to the age.
This thing becomes clear by their thoughts that the influence age of the person falls on his thought. Those thoughts can be read in his body in different forms. In the childhood and adolescence period, persons don’t have power to bear the untruth but on the contrary people who have reached in the adulthood.
Look in this picture, an adult person has spoken untruth, the emotions of his mind emerged on his face by becoming language and in addition to his hand has reached on his lips and he has covered his lips only by his a finger.
The shine of his eyes, little seriousness, way of thinking and stress on both the shoulders are the parts of his body language and we can know the emotions of his heart or mind by seeing them but it is possible only when we have knowledge of body language.
Generally, only half portion of the body of persons is visible in above mentioned pictures. All of them committed same mistake viz they spoke untruth but there is a big difference in the faces and body organs of all.
What is the cause behind this difference? Why does not the body of three appear same? All the three persons have spoken untruth but what is the thing which has separated all of them from each other even after committing same mistake.
It is a little hard task to understand this thing for the common people. He (a common person) will have to think what our body language says. How did he look three different forms of same thing and how did he reach on same result by observing three different forms.
The answer of these questions has been attached to the influence with the psychological impact. There is no doubt in it that the form of our body language keeps on changing according to our body language. About it, a famous scholar of body language has remarked in this way-
Our organs shows the emotions which come out from our heart but the people who are big in age can understand the meaning of the orders which are gotten from their brain but when a five years old child shows the emotions of his heart or mind, there is a big difference in his face.
Such kind of difference comes in the people of youth age and adulthood. For it, we shall have to observe the people of three groups with different points of view.

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