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Prayer of Veda and Hindu Word

Vaastu Shastra bathroom

Prayer of Veda and Hindu Word

The people of ancient Persia were call the whole India where Sindhu river was flow as ‘Hindu’, because they were use ‘S’ as ‘H’, the western people were known the Sindhu river as ‘Indus’ and it had gotten name ‘India’ on it. In piranhas, this country has been described as the name of ‘Bharatkhand’, Bharatvars’ or ‘Jambudwip’. Great Swami Vivekanand rising modern India were called the Hindus as the followers of Vedas, believers of Vedic or vedanti. He said too that most of the religions of this world follow few particular granthas (books). In this way, they were believed that such types of books have the word of almighty god. It is only the base of their religion.

The Vedas of Hindus are considered as the oldest according to western scholars of modern time. The Vedas are not the creators of people. Their time had neither been fixed never can be fixed. It is true. While all other religions of this world believe strongly that it had been spread by a personal God or many people, Gods or few important messengers of God. No anyone is the base of Vedas, but he is by himself is an example; he knows completely about God even His existence.

According to Indian smriti granthas (books), when God created this world, His energy was present everywhere. This spiritual energy was holy vibrated word ‘Brahma’ in which God is found. This pure sound had appeared in the form of Om mantra which is known as the basic place of all things or in other words, all the powers have been hidden inside this holy and pure vibration.

Lord Krishna is also saying about it in Bhagwat Geeta as like-

Pitamahasya jagato mata dhatah pitamah.

Vedham paritramodakar riksam yajurev cha.

Lord Krishna has said through this stanza (shloka) that I am by myself the controller of this world, provider of the result of deeds, father, mother, holy or pure omkar and Rig-Veda, Sam-Veda and Yajur-veda.

In which form, first of all Vedas had been scripted, it has been said about it by following way-

Lord Vishnu had given knowledge about Vedas to God Brahma who had described it to other saints, spiritual people and narad muni, who had given this knowledge to others. From here, oral tradition started and Vedas had been transferring from one generation to other for thousands of years and in the last, maharishi named ‘Ved vyas’ had divided it into four sections as well as given it in written form at the end of dwapar yug so that the people of kalyug (modern age) could know about it easily.

There are four Vedas known- Rig-ved, Yajur-ved, Sam-ved and Artha-ved. Proved stories and historic facts told in puranas are called the fifth ved. All the four Vedas, Vedanta sootra, aaranyako, Brahmins and Upanishad are chiefly known as uddhatit shruti. Other part of Vedic literature including Mahabharata, Bhagwatgeeta, Ramayana and all the puranas are known as smaran. One who follow directed path through hearing and remembering has been called ‘Aria’.

Few more other Vedic literatures are known by following names-

  • Ayurvedah– The chief science of holy or pure medicines which had been told by maharishi named ‘Dhanvantari’.
  • Dhanurvedh– Armed or war science told by maharishi named ‘Bhrigu’.
  • Arthshaastrah– Administrative and political science.
  • Gandharvedah– Art of music, dance and acting.
  • Sthapatsavedah– Science of vaastu shaastra- rathkala (chariot/carriage), vimankala (aeroplane), naukakala (boat), durgkala, nagarkala, statuary, etc.
  • Manusmritih– Vedic law book (grantha) based on the dharmasootra of manu.
  • Parshaastra, kamshaastra, etc.

Sanskrit and Vedic language

It is clear from Vedas that Sanskrit is considered as the ancient holy and literary form of Indian language or speaks. It is very interested language for linguists, because knowledge of Sanskrit language proves very helpful for western scholars in developing modernity.

Veda is the oldest documents of Indian facts, cultures, good and holy literature that shows the path of moksha through morality and its message and lessons are far away from all possible limits of country, religion and Yuga. It is famous worldwide in its meaning and usage. It is for all humanity and every Yuga. A great German thinker says with full excitement that he believes that no any other important like Vedas for studying human beings. It is believed that it is very necessary to study Vedic literature for those who want to make their selves eligible, want to know about their ancestors and history or want to develop their intellectual power, want to know about history, etc. Indian does not accept any type of governess higher than religion, rules and regulation, traditions and Vedas. Whatever in the Vedas is different and unique just like that of north start emitting divine rays for the progress of whole the humanity.

As we know there are four types of Vedas, but they can be known by three types of knowledge- trayee or traya traditionally, because they think on knowledge, devotion and deeds as well as they are present in pross, poetry and songs. It has been forced to go inside Rig-Veda through the way of knowledge, inside yagur-veda through the way of deed and inside Sam-Veda through the way of devotion. Artha-veda represents all the three ways. So, Vedas are also known by the name of trayam Brahma as nirprad. It is important too, because the fourth Veda named Arthaveda as current comparison to other Vedas. All these four Vedas altogether form Indian religious, philosophic and cultural arrangement as well as form the base of anupalanoes. Indian culture and civilization have been alive even after facing unfavorable conditions for hundreds of years, because it has been based on strong base like that of Vedas.

It has been also announced certainly many times in Vedas that truth is one; saint calls it by different names. Also, God is one, but He has many faces. Different Gods of Vedas are the different representations of one truth. These multiple Vedas of Gods represent clearly important lesson of the Vedas; all the ways go to only one goal. Truth is only one and everyone is searching it. Personal behave, time, place, name, etc. generate this difference. This world has been called about the part of that God-

What was exist, what is exist and what would be existed,

Everything is only Ohm (Om).

Whatever exists greater than all the three tenses are only the word ‘Ohm’.

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