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वास्तुशास्त्र के सम्पूर्ण नियम और जानकारियां

Importance of Colors in Home Design

Colour and its role in Home Decor

Color therapy (Ranshastra)

As like vaastu shaastra has its own importance for social structure as color therapy has also its own importance. Color therapy is also an independent science like vaastu shaastra. Colors play very important role in vaastu shaastra. Colors influence human brain greatly. Colors are deeply related with nature and five elements and also, the five elements have their own particular colors. In vaastu shaastra, colors have gotten very high position. In it, from soil color to wall’s color have been described.

While constructing a house on any place, the color of the soil of that plot is known. If the soil is white in color, family member, who wants to become philosopher and get wisdom, has to face little disturbance, but at last he become successful in it. Thus, for this purpose, it is necessary to construct your house on the ground of while soil. The plot having red soil is the best for bravery (courage). Yellow colored plot proves beneficial for businessmen. It is very effective for economical profit. But, the plot having black soil should be avoided as far as possible.

On the plot of white soil, vaastu can be adopted very easily and at very low expense. On the plot of red soil, strong and attractive house can be constructed and also in low cost. The people living in a house constructed on a plot having yellow soil are always remained happy and affluent (prosperous). Constructing a house on the plot of black soil is very expensive. One has to face many problems and do endeavor for constructing a house on such plot. After completion of the house too, the people living in it has to face many problems.

White soil– This type of soil is the best for constructing a house in low cost and no too much time.

Black soil– Constructing a house on such plot proves very expensive. The people living in such a house have to face many troubles whole the life.

Yellow soil– This type of plot is the best for businessmen and industrialists, proves very beneficial, very useful for the vaastu of business group.

Red soil – Profit of much wealth by doing less effort. Family member are intelligent and believe in deeds. Generation increases and they get gallantry.

No doubt, the positive and negative impacts of different colors found in nature fall on both men and their surroundings surely. They not only impact men but also attract them. About it, a famous psychologist ‘Feber Biren’ has said that a normal person searches merits in colors, in other hand an abnormal person searches demerits in them (colors).

In ancient time, colors were used for enhancing fortune as well as also were used for getting freedom from miscreant. In early time in china, green color was considered as the sign of wood and spring season. Yellow color was considered as the sign of the sun while orange color was the sign of sunlight falling on the earth. White color was considered as the sign of metal and the ending of winter season. Blue color was considered as the sign of water.

In fact, one gets emotional environment through colors. For illustration, few colors end mental gust while few of them excite or charge him. In china, when aggressive prisoners had been kept in pink barracks, they had become cool. It proves that one should need to be careful also while choosing colors.

According to the principles of feng shui, colors are helpful in controlling reflective light i.e. positive (favorable) conditions are being generated by the temperance (balancing) of color and light. Colors have also few merits in them. Few of them are those which are being arranged like light as well as change their glow according to it.

If the light would be bright, garishness will also come in colors. But, when the light would be dim or medium, garishness will not come in them. It clarifies that the elements of family members should also be observed while using colors and colors should be used in their rooms according to them only. For example- if the element of a member of the family is fire, black or blue color is favorable for him, because blue color represents water element and black color also represents water element. Since, there is enmity (adversity) between fire and water, so the life of a person living in such room is being affected.

Always light color should be used on ceiling; because dark color suppressed energy resulting an opposite impacts fall on the person living in such house. Only such a color should be used in a bedroom, which is like by a person. However pink, creamy or any other light colors can be used for this purpose. Light colors are always charming (soft). But, red or any garish (bright) colors that bring pricking sensation in eyes should never be used in a bedroom.

In a kitchen, color related to earth element should be used like- yellow, orange, green, etc. but, blue color, which is also related to earth element, should not be used for this purpose. This color makes a person cool and introvert. Thus, this color should never be used in rooms. But yes, this color can be used in a bathroom. Decorative articles are also useful for this color.

If light colors would be used in small rooms, they seems bigger; in other hand, if blue, yellow or red color would be used in big rooms, they appears small.

Color analysis

Red color– Along with excitement and diligence, a red color is also the sign of Mars. It also indicates fortune. A new bride uses saree in red color for inviting fortune. This color is considered as the sign of popularity and prosperous too. Red color generates self confidence as well as anger too. It is stimulating, inspiring and energy giving color too. Fire is the element of this color. Thus, it also requires precaution while using this color.

Green color– This color is the sign of peace. The representative of spring season believes this color as the sign of longer life. It represents growth.

By using this color in a room, one feels peace and remains free from worry and tension.

Yellow color– This color represents positivism (positivity). It is also responsible for the circulation of life. This is the reason why the color of the sun is yellow, because the sun circulates life in living organisms on the earth. It is also the color of inspiration, happiness and brightness. It is the color related to earth element like- study, teaching or creativity (creativeness), etc.

As like this color is beneficial as it is harmful too, because it’s over use causes the possibility of head disease. Due to being delightful color, it is used widely (exceedingly) in entertainment room.

Blue color– It is the color of safety (protection) and sanguinity (hopefulness). This color is known as truth (trueness), vigilance as well as introvert. It is the color of water element. In the room, where spiritual thinking, meditation, etc. are practiced, using blue color is appropriate. Since, it is the color of water element, so this color can be used in bathroom, toilet, etc.

Orange color– This color is called as the mirror of society. This color, related to earth element, is also the sign of peace and hesitation.

Purple– Being the sign of high standard and spiritualism, this color is mixture of many colors. Among them, red color represents energy, in other hand blue color indicates sanguinity. Red and blue colors mixed in purple generate amazing feeling. This color should be used in such a room where spiritual meditation, yoga activities, etc. are practiced. This color is not considered as appropriated for entertainment room. This is the color that promotes mystery, creativity and spiritualism.

Black color– In western countries, black color is considered as the sign of inauspiciousness and negative power while in china, this color is believed as the sing of wealth and property. It is considered as positive color. It acts also as rigid faith (confidence) and energy in the solution of problems. Thus, only amateurism should use this color in his room.

It is said that when all the colors are meet together, black color is being formed that is sign of dark night. Black and white colors are considered as more useful and beneficial in offices comparison to house. Black color is also called dark (blurry) color.

Using black color in sitting room (living room), passage or bathroom is considered as very auspicious, but as less this color is used as it is better.

White color– This color is the sign of holiness (purity). It represents colorless condition. In few countries, white color is considered as the sign of holiness and simplicity (innocence). In eastern countries, this color is considered as the sign of last rites. The practitioner, who ties while stripe in marshal art, is known as innocence.

Due to related with light, white color attracts internal energy. While color is related with metal.

Golden color– This color, in one hand, is the sign of wealth, in other hand, it is also the sign of self respect. The golden color is the mixture of yellow and red colors. Among them, red represents fortune and estate (property) while yellow indicates sanguinity.

Importance of Pa-well in the selection of colors:

About the use of colors in different parts of a house, Pa-well has its own importance. For this purpose, Pa-well is kept on the wheel of five elements by considering the earth as center. It shows the imitations of colors.

Observing colors with the help of Pa-well

Field Color
Estate (property)Red, green, blue, purple
PopularityGreen, yellow, red
MarriageRed, white, pink
FamilyGreen, blue, red
DescendantWhite, golden
Conscience or wisdomWhite, black, green
BusinessBlack, white, green
AdvisorWhite, black

Soil Smell

Through the smell of white soil, one gets much wealth. We always use smell for mental happiness. We go on trying that this fragrance would reach to us as well as to other people. Due to presence of 1-2 fragrance flowers at the place of worshiping, worshiper can do prayer with happy mind as well as the place of worship also appears as holy. A strange type of happiness is spread in the surrounding. It seems as like we have come closer to purity. It means that we feel requirement of fragrance to impress the God. As well as, others can also take its benefits and can feel pleasures. We use quality scented soap while taking bath. Before leaving home, use quality powder, also use scent or perfume. All these are for impressing those to whom we are about to meet; whole the surrounding remained energetic and we would get success in that work. It is also seen that many women use the wreath (garland) scented flowers in her lock (hair) in the evening or burn scented incense sticks before Gods. In any occasion especially marriage ceremony, scent or perfume is used to make whole the surrounding fragranced and happy. It means that fragrance is mother of happiness. Also, the Gods are become happy with fragrance. Even human mind, heart, etc. are become happy. The same fact is also applicable for the soil and land of residence. Not only for our life, fragrance is also needed for coming generation. And, the natural treasury of fragrance can be gotten only through the soil on which we want to construct our house or have been constructed a house on it.

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