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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you are knowledgeable about the website, you must know what is SEO. SEO is a short form of search engine optimization.

Search Engine + Optimization = Search Engine Optimization

If you know how to run a website or blog, then it is very important for you to know about SEO as it will help in bringing traffic to your website.

What is SEO?

SEO is the technique of search engine, using which you can bring your website to the top of search engine search results page and generate a lot of traffic on your website. Actually, Google search engine has maintained some algorithm to give ranking on the website on its search result page and according to this algorithm, if you work by optimizing your website, then your search ranking can come on top page of Search Engine.

If you look at a lot of websites, you will find that a lot of websites are on the same topic. Some search engines work according to the algorithm and the ranking of search results is on top and has achieved a very good position. You can also do this, it is important to know what is SEO. Let us give you complete information about SEO below.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a software system developed by many famous compnay like google, Bing, etc. that is created to search an information on www (World Wide Web).
Google, Yahoo and Bing are most used Search Engines in the world.
An Estimated 70% to 90% Internet user use google search engine and 30% to 10% internet user use other search engines platform.

Some search engines listed below:

Ask, Wow, Webcrawler, Aol Search, Mywebsearch, Dogpile, Duckduckgo, Blekko, Infospace, Info, contenko, Alhea, etc.

Why is SEO important?

My dear friends frequently ask why SEO is important for the website, can good traffic be obtained without doing SEO on the website. To answer this question, I will tell you here why SEO is important?

For information, let us know that during a survey it has been found that 90% people are unable to bring their website to the first page of Search Engine Result page. This is because they do not know about SEO nor do SEO of their website. So they have to face this problem.

Just think that if your website is not coming on the first page, will you get a visitor. I don’t think so, or only 10% or even less. Now if there are no visitors on the website, then there will be no traffic. In this case, if you want to earn money from the website, then you will not be able to earn any money at all.

Now suppose that your objective is not to earn income, even then the information given by you will not reach the people and due to which your hard work will go waste. Now the question arises as to what will be the solution to this problem. So you will get only one answer to this, Do SEO of your website. With this help, not only your website will come to the first page of search engine results page, but you will also get more traffic and if you have an ad on your website, then you will also get a good income.

How does the search engine work?

To fully understand the search engine, we will first need to know how the search engine works. And what are the search engine’s many activities.

The search engine works in 3 steps to show the search result by itself and when its work is completed it gives the result page. Many people do not know what is happening behind the search box, they just know that we write keywords and a search engine like Google gives us search results. Let’s be friends here, how do search engines work?

Three main functions of Search Engine

The search engine has three main functions without which it cannot perform its function. It is given below-

Web crawling:

This process is very important for the search engine, through which the search engine can find out which World Wide Web page is published. Apart from this, it is known that what has been copied from any other page in the web page and what has been changed, what is unique that has not been published in any other page yet.

Web crawling is done by the search engines with the help of some of its software called robots, crawlers or spiders. Googlebot software performs this function of search engines like Google.

Web indexing:

Web indexing creates a very large database to index all web pages obtained by web crawling. When a person searches any keyword in the search box, web crawling shows the result only after obtaining it from their database. Overall indexing identifies the keywords and expressions that best describe the web page and then assigns the page to specific keywords. Google has the largest data center in the world from which closely guards the database.

The repository of web pages is called ‘index’. It is a data store systematically used to provide the search results you see on search engines. Web indexing is a process of organizing web pages so that they can be used to quickly display relevant results for your search query to show you results.


When a keyword is searched in the search box, the processing web matches the indexing database to search for the results. This action is called processing of search engines.

Search engine ranking:

When a keyword is searched on the search engine box, the search engine resolves the article related to that keyword by matching it to the web database and placing the highly relevant article ranked according to a list. This ranking ranking of search results is called search engine ranking. The search engine here also checks with its algorithm which is the most accurate and reliable data which can be displayed in a sequential manner. As given in the picture below-Search Engine Ranking

What is the type of SEO?

From the above article you must have come to know what SEO is and why SEO is important. Let us now know what type of SEO is?

Now we are going to tell you what are the types of SEO and how to do it –

  1. Whitehat SEO
  2. Blackhat SEO
  3. Greyhat SEO

Whitehat SEO –

This is the SEO technique in which we do the SEO work of our website following the rules made by Google and other search engines. This is a very slow process because it takes time to do whitehat SEO of any website or blog. Whitehat SEO is the best SEO technique because when you get results through it, you get it for a long time. Through this, the value of your website or blog is also good.

Whitehat SEO Technique List:

  1. Domain Trust
  2. Link Building
  3. On Page optimization
  4. Off Page optimization
  5. Directory Submission
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Page Rank
  8. Keyword Research & website Analysis
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Follow Google Algorithm
  11. Unique Content
  12. Unique Post image
  13. Good Quality web page

Blackhat SEO:

It is known by the name of Blackhat SEO that it doesn’t follow any rules of search engines. In this SEO, we work by not following any guide line of Google Algorithm to bring the website or blog to the top rank of Google. With this SEO, your page will be initially ranked on Google page but it will not stop for long time. Your website may be penalized or blacklisted by Google. If this happens, you will never be able to rank your website on Google again.

Blackhat SEO Technique is as follows-

  • Link spam
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Hidden link
  • Hidden Text
  • Cloaking
  • Do not set Ration of Du Follow and No Follow Backline

Greyhat SEO

Greyhat SEO is one in which both Blackhat SEO and Whitehat SEO are done. When we do Greyhat SEO for the top ranking of our website, then we do not get noticed by Google’s Algorithm and succeed in bringing our website to the top ranking of Google quickly.

In order to do a gray hat SEO of a website or a blog, it is very important to pay a later attention that 95% percent whitehat SEO is done on the website or blog and only 5% percent blackhat SEO should be done. But if you don’t do so, then your website may come under the purview of Google. We would like to give an advice that if you do not use Blackhat SEO, then it will be good for the website.

Greyhat SEO Technique is as follows-

  • Link Buying
  • Duplicate Content
  • Purchase Follower
  • Cloaking
  • Keyword Stuffing

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