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The Truth of Secure Life

The Truth to Secure Life

The Truth of Secure Life

Secure Life is one of the network marking companies that has a bad reputation in India. Friends, without properly understanding any company, you and I cannot call any company a fraud and a scammer unless all the necessary documents of that company are checked.

For the information, let us know that Secure Life has all the necessary documents that a company needs to run in India. We are the only networkers responsible for tarnishing the name of any company, who without knowing anything, start telling the fraud and scam of any company and the good of our company. It is a good thing to present the good of your company to everyone, but it is wrong to do fraud and scam of another company without any substance.

Friends, there are many networkers today who know that Secure Life is also called Safe Shop or you can say that the name Secure Life is now Safe Shop. It is one of the companies which has been accused of many charges but today it has been in operation for 2 decades. But still some people call it fraud and scam. Friends, we have to understand whether a company can fraud for two decades, I don’t think. Yes, everyone’s opinion may vary different. Let friends know what is the truth of Secure Life.

Friends, let me tell you one thing that no company can come in the list of fraud unless any government proceedings are against it. Every fraud company also runs its chest wide at one time, but by the time its truth is revealed, it is too late and millions of rupees are drowned.

We are giving some information of the company below, if you want, you can check it yourself. If all the information given here is correct, then it cannot be a fraud company. This post of mine is only a review. We are not claiming nothing wrong for anyone here. You check the given information and use your discretion.

Secure Life (Safe Shop) Company Details

Registration Number109313
Company CategoryNon-Government Company Limited by Shares
DirectorSidharth Sehgal, Rajat Verma, Raju Anand, Rajpal Arora
Managing DirectorHarish Sondhi
Head OfficeA-3/24, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058
Contact Safe Shop01145674412

Secure Life Business Starts

Secure Life Business started in early 2001. It used to run by some other name at that time. The managing director at that time was Harish Sondhi and the other directors were Siddharth Sehgal and Rajat Verma. Secure Life’s office is located in Janakpuri, Delhi. The company was well started, but many cases have been registered against the company since its inception.

In view of these reasons, there have been many changes in Secure Life, but Secure Life follows all the guidelines of MLM. A change in the company does not mean that the company is fraud because it has been seen many times that by taking advantage of the loophole of the company, many people start doing wrong things by taking the name of the company. owning to stop wrong activities of people, sometimes the company Many of their policies have to change.

Safe Shop Business Plan

Networking Marketing in India

Today there are many people who are in other network marketing companies like Amway, Modi Care, Vestige, Oriflame, Herbalife, RCM and have not been successful due to any reason. They start comparing Secure Life with their company. They even keep negative reviews about the company. We should compare the quality of products and income of the company to know which company is doing better than each other.

Some scams have come to light in some cities and some small villages, which have been done by some fake agents of Secure Life. But how can the company be guilty in this? If there is any fraud with you, then you should find out the truth by complaining to the direct company and help the company in punishing the fake agents.

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