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Vastu And Five Elements

Vastu And Five Elements


This world has been created with five elements, which are as follow-

  1. Sky
  2. Air
  3. Earth
  4. Water
  5. Fire

All the principles of vastu shastra have been determined on the basis of directions, sub-directions and five elements.
As well when these five elements are unbalanced in the body or the deficiency of it is occurred in the body, physical and mental unhealthiness or worry are occurred inside the body as due to unbalancing of these five elements in the house, the people living in it have to face physical and metal troubles.



The sky means unlimited empty (vacant) space. The sky is unlimited. The entire world exists in this unlimited vacant space. According to vastu shastra, the sky is known as the courtyard of the house. The courtyard is mostly made in the center of the house, for keeping which as open, it has been indicated. By being this section of the house as open, the people living inside this house can get sun’s energy.
This is the reason why it has been indicated that the east and north parts of the house should be lower than the south and west parts so that the body could be protected from sunlight after noon; natural energy would go on flowing from the sky without any disturbance. Sometimes, it is heard about any house that the house is haunted. It is also due to unbalancing of sky and air elements in that house. It is also responsible for the mental diseases of anyone. Therefore, the importance of sky element cannot be ignored in the house.


we all know that how much air is important for use. The air is considered as the base of all the creatures’ life. The air is present around the earth. It has many types of gases. Various types of principles in vastu shastra are adopted for proper flow of life giving gas ‘Oxygen’.
These types of principles have been made by keeping this fact in the mind that the east and north directions of the house should be left open as well as the surface of these directions should also be lower so that sunlight and natural fresh air could enter easily inside the room in the morning. The north-west direction of the house, known as ‘Vayavya kon’ should be considered as a particular way for air. We should also need to leave empty space in the west and north direction of entering air. It is very essential to have north-west corner for gate, doors, windows, ventilators, verandah, courtyard, balcony, etc. for getting air.


The water has been known as the base of man’s life. One may die too in the absence of water. The auspicious result of donating water has been described by a particular way in our old granthas (books) that one gets the result equal to the room of fire for making a well. Like this, it has been described also about the result of making wells on other places, but here there is no need of it, because it is not our subject.
Quenching thirst i.e. giving water to anyone is considered as the sacred (holy) work, which ends one’s sins means his/her sins are washed. If is very necessary for the master of the house to fulfill water for his/her family members.
In vastu shastra, the principles have been also made that in which direction of the house one should have to make arrangement for water. The God has made appropriate balance between water and land in this world. Whenever changing takes place in this balance, flood and drought are occurred as a result of it.


The fire element has its own importance among five elements. The fire is a base of one’s life. In Vedic age, the fire was worshiped as God. In modern age too, sacrificing in every good or auspicious works is considered as very important. In sacrifice, mainly fire is lit. There are many senses (means) of this fire- heat, speed or violent, or energy. The sun is known as the main source of energy in this world. The earth gets light as well as energy from the sunlight with the help of which all types of life cycles go on running on the earth.
In vastu shastram, south-east direction is determined for fire. Therefore, the fire or fire related things should be arranged in south-east direction only. All types of fire related works like- kitchen, electric meter, etc. should always be fitted in south-east corner.


For constructing house, first of all it is very necessary to select plot according to shape, size and multiplication’s view. The purity of plot should be checked according to the color, smell, moisture, fertility, etc. of its soil so that the earth could be selected for constructing house.
The surface of plot, skin defects, shapes, etc. should be also observed in earth element. The south-west direction of the house is mainly known as the place of earth element. So, it has been said to keep this direction heavy comparison to other directions.
According to famous experts, such types of five elements are found in all around the world. These five elements can be used in any direction. It is absolutely true, but the directions decided by the shaastra for these elements must be adopted while construction of house otherwise the master of that house may have to face loss.
By using all the five elements in a proper way in constructing house, the people living in such house get healthiness, prosperity and mental peace. The principles of vastu shastra have been also made on these five elements, so it is very important to keep balance them inside the house.
The reciprocal relation of balanced ratio of five elements is called vaastu. There are three elements for improving one’s condition- fire, land (earth) and water. If a person had arranged all these three elements in his/her house according to the principles of vastu shastra, remaining two elements can become favorable to you by their selves.
Relation between Panch Mahabhuta, Tamatrayen and Sense Organs- The effects of any type of movements of all the basic elements of nature fall directly on human body. The experts of vastu shastra study continuously and find out that the movement of which elements can falls in how many ways on the physical region, intellectual base and mental works. Indian experts of vastu shastra had right knowledge that happening or changing in the sky influences on sound or hearing ability, atmospheric movement on touching sensation, fire movement affects visible ability, watery movement impacts on taste ability, earth movement influences sense of smell. Such types of affects have been described by following ways like-

Panchamahabhuta (five elements)EarthWaterFireAirSky
TanmatrayenSmellTasteShapeTouchWord (sound)
Sense OrgansNosetongueeyeSkinear

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