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Vastu Tips for the Children Room

Vastu Tips for the Children Room- बच्चों का कमरा

Children’s Room

Vastu Tips for the Children Room

In respect of books, toys and entertainment means for the children, there is no doubt that our government is doing many experiments in our country too like of other foreign countries, but there are very few architectures and interior decorators who  have thought about the furniture for children. Thus, we are going to discuss on different views about decoration of children’s room in detail.

Contemplation for the development of children

At present, there are about 30cr children of age up to 14 years. So, it is very important to think about their all round development. For this purpose, as well nutritive foods, medical facilities, education, clothes, etc are required for their all round development as an healthy environment is also required in which they grow properly by playing, studying, etc. The children learn everything as playing. The surrounding affects the most on the brain of the children.

Children’s room furnishings

It is often seen that minor or sometimes major accidents go on taking place with the children due to wrong arrangement or designs of furniture, electric fittings, bed, chair, table, etc. sometime, they put their fingers inside the hole of electric plug or sometime they get injury or hurt in the arrangement of their furniture. Small children are eaten also the pain of walls and furniture.

It is very important to be careful about few topics while planning children’s room like- select such a furniture for them so that there is less possibility of getting hurt; there is proper arrangement for keeping their toys; select suitable study table or chair for studying; there is enough place for playing; appropriate colors for their room should be selected, etc.

Children go on growing continuously by passing their age as well as their needs also go on changing; so, according to Vastu shaastra, furniture should also be changed as they grow.

Vastu principles for children

  • Room for girl should be constructed in south direction.
  • Room for boy should be constructed in west direction.
  • The headboard (headrest) of a bed should always be towards east direction.
  • If the child is the student of commerce, he/she should need to study by facing towards north direction.

Kids room furniture

Furniture should be made in such a way so that its height could be increased or decreased, example- shelf or cabinet fitted on the wall which can be made higher or lower according to need. Instead of arranging a separate study table, a shelf can be made on north or east wall at a suitable height.

Children have a habit to draw something all the time. They draw lines on floor, wall, furniture or on a place where they wish. Mothers have no any solution for it. It is better to make a small blackboard of 3×4 feet on the wall for children so that they can draw lines or images with chalk according to their wish whenever they want. As a result of it, their intellect and creativity will be developed after getting a mean (blackboard) for showing their art ability as well as the walls, floors and furniture will also remain free from any type of marks or spots.

In addition to a blackboard, you should also arrange a time-table, painting, photo, drawings and a pin-up board for your children. For this purpose, fit a small piece of setotex board of 2×4 ft on a wall so that the children can pinup or pin out their drawings, pictures, etc. on it whenever they wish.

Vastu principles for room of the children living in big cities

Mostly, one room is used for living more than one child. So, when beds for two elder children are set in a room, the maximum area of the room is occupied and there is no enough space left for playing and study table. For solving such problem, two storied bed is very useful. This type of bed occupies space of only one bed and children also like it very much. There is a small stair fitted for going to upper bed.

Besides it, a type of drawer bed can also be used. In day time, the lower bed is drawled below the upper one so that children can get enough space for playing, jumping and other activities.

Arrangement of light in children’s room

In children’s room, it is necessary to have dim light at night. A dim lighted bulb should be also arranged in the room so that at night the child would not get hurt due to dark. In addition of the, table lamp should be kept on a table in such a way so that its light would come from left side. S spot light should also be arranged above the blackboard.

In children’s room, light must being arranged for studying, doing other activities, etc. if the room is for small child, electric plug must have at as much distance as his/her hand would not able to be reach. For teenagers, plug point must be at the height of about 4.5 feet. Table lamp for study should be arranged in such a way so that light would come from left side. For a healthy person, table lamp of 60w is enough. A spot light should also be set on the blackboard or pin-up board. A tube light should also be used for spreading light equally. Night lamp should also be arranged.

In day time too, study table should be arranged in such a way so that light from window would come from left side. By making arrangement of table in the front of window, light falls directly on the eyes resulting the concentration of mind is being disturbed.

Children’s toys

Shelves should be fitted on appropriate height in children’s cupboard (almirah) so that the hands could reach to the shelves easily and they could arrange their toys, books, etc. well without other’s help. Making the handles of the almirah and doors on the first letter of children’s name would give attractive looks. Most of the furniture should be set attached with the wall resulting children get enough space for playing, jumping, waling, etc.

Children’s room environment

The environment of children’s room plays very important role in their mental and physical growth. It is very necessary to teach children to live in well manner and self-sufficient (self-dependent). So, such furniture should be provided to children so that he/she could move and arrange it properly by him/herself. It does not give extra burden to mothers as well as children also become self-dependent.

Use of strong furniture in the room

The furniture used in children’s room must be strong as well as light. It must be made up of light and soft wood of pine, kail, etc. According to Vastu shaastra, furniture made up of pine or kail is considered as very auspicious.

You can use spirit polish or wax polish on such polish or enamel pain can also don in beautiful colors. Like furniture, toys of soft wood are also very useful for children. If decorative laminate is used on furniture, it is very convenience to clean such furniture as well as there would no any chance to be eaten by children.

Room light and plug

Light or electric plug should have at as higher as small children could not able to reach, but elder children could reach to it easily. Deep colored carpet or jute carpet must be used on the floor of children’s room. It will make the temperature of the floor as tolerable and the possibility of getting hurt and breaking of toys is become less.

Use of children’s room design and colors

In children’s room, you can use perk and splendid (hot) colors without any hesitation like- yellow, saffron, blue, purple or other bright attractive colors. The children like sharp and deep colors very much as well as these colors also appear as very attractive. If wallpaper tiles or pain are used on the wall instead of color, it is better. It can be washed easily, so if the children make it dirty, there is no need to be worried. As well as, these wallpapers are available in beautiful attractive designs of flowers and leaves too and they are durable too that can save the expenditure of yearly paint or white washing.

One thing should always be kept in the mind that children are like that of raw clay, we can shape them as we wish. So, you can make such a room for children by using your intellect, try, etc. so that appropriate environment could be made for all round development of the children.

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