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Vestige Business in India, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh

Vestige Business in Dubai, Vestige Business in Nepal

Vestige Business in India, U.A.E., Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Nepal

Vestige 100 PV Consistency Offer

If you want to do Vestige business in India, U.A.E., Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Nepal and want to earn 5 lakh rupees every month, then contact us. We will tell you how you can earn 5 lakh rupees per month by adopting the Vesties plan. Let me tell you how you can earn by adopting Vestige 100 PV Consistency Offer.

Friends, do you know what are the benefits of doing Vestige business through 100 PV Consistency Offer of Vestige Network Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Let me explain you in detail, if you work using a plan of 100 PV Consistency Offer, then within 3 months, you start earning a income around Rs. 50000 per month. I know you may not believe it, but this is completely true, let’s me show you-
To get 100 PV, you have to purchase products of Rs. 3000/-

Purchased product of Rs 3000 = 100 PV

Benefits (DP: Rs 3000/ MRP Rs 3500)

  1. Discount – 10% to 20% = Rs 500R
  2. Free Gift – 10% = Rs 300
  3. Cash Back 3% to 12% = 300
  4. Consistency Voucher 20PV = Rs 700
  5. In this way, you get a profit of 500+ 300 + 300 + 700 = 1800 rupees in a month.

Friends, before adopting the plan of 100 PV Consistency Offer, we need to understand the income plan of Vestige.

You can get 7 types of income from the Vestige as follows:

  1. Retail Profit 10% – 20%
  2. 2. Accumulative Performance Bonus 5% – 20% (1 PV – 500 PV = 5%, 501 PV – 2000 PV = 8%, 2001 PV – 4500 PV = 11%, 4501 PV – 7500 PV = 14%, 7501 PV – 10000 PV = 17%, 10001 PV and more = 20%)
  3. Director Bonus – 14%
  4. Leadership Overriding Bonus – 15%
  5. Travel Fund – 3%
  6. Car Fund – 5%
  7. House Fund – 3%

Under the plan of 100 PV Consistency Offer, if you make a purchase of 100 PV i.e. approx Rs 3000 between 1st and 12th date of the month and do these tasks continuously for 4 months, then Vestige gives you 80 PV products free in 5th month, which is about 2700 rupees products. That mean , you have got 20PV products every month absolutely FREE.
Now let’s discuss how you can earn 50000 rupees every month after doing 3 months by taking advantage of 100 PV Consistency Offer.
You make 100 PV purchases for 4 consecutive months and if you work by telling these plans to your friends, then you can earn more than 1 lakhs after 4 months. Refer the below calculations:

100 PV Consistency Offer Business Plan for India, U.A.E., Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nepal

  1. You have to buy 100 PV i.e. Vestige products for more than Rs 3000 as soon as you join for four months continuously.
  2. After this, 6 people have to do joining in your downline and they also have to buy Vestige products worth more than about 3000 rupees.
  3. In this way, the number of your team will become 7 in the first month and if everyone has bought the same amount of 100 PV, then the total PV becomes 700. According to this Vestige’s plan, if a person does 282 PV in the same month by joining Vestige, then his fast 8% level is attained. So here you get a level of 8%.
  4. In the first month, your income will be Rs 144 on 100 PV of yourself and Rs 324 on 600 PV of your downline. Meaning 144 + 324 = Rs 468. If you add all this, then you will know that your first month’s total revenue was Rs 468 as Performance Bonus.
  5. In the second month, 6 people who are in your downline will now add 6-6 people in their downline. As a result of this, 36 people will be added to your team and your team number will be 36 + 7 (last month’s people) i.e. 43 people.
  6. Now these 43 people buy Vestige products of 100 PV, then you will get 43 X 100 = 4300PV. There was 700 PV in the last month and we know that if the level is added by adding the PV of the previous month then it becomes 4300PV + 700PV = 5000PV.
  7. Friends 5000PV, comes in between 4500 to 7500 PV and depending on the Vestige level your level becomes 14%.
  8. In the second month, your total is 4300PV, out of which 100PV belongs to yourself and 4200PV belongs to your group. 6 people in your downline will achieve 8% Fast Level. In this way the difference between you and online will be 6%.
  9. In the second month, your income will be Rs 252 on 100PV and Rs 4536 on 4200PV. Total income 252 + 4536 = Rs 4788 you will become eligible for Performance Bonus.
  10. In the third month, 36 people of 2nd downline will add 6-6 people, then the total number of your team is 216+ adding 43 people from last month to become a team of 259. When these people will buy 100 PV, then 25900 PV in your Vestige Account becomes Total PV.
  11. We all know that 25900 PV is more than 10000 PV, so you achieved director level and you also get Director Bonus 14% of the company’s Global Turnover. Now in the third month, your total income will be Rs 360 on your own 100 PV and Rs 27864 on 25800 PV and Director Bonus of 25900 will get Rs 19509 ie Rs 47733.

Note: Therefore, it can now be said that if you adopt a plan of 100 PV Consistency Offer, no one can stop you to become a director in 3 months.

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Vestige Joining Online and Training Free

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