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Vestige ID Activation | How to make Vestige Id Green?

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Vestige ID Activation

Important information for Vestige Team Leader

Whoever has got the ID in Vestige, buy the products according to their needs at the first time on their ID so that your Vestige ID life will be activated for life time, ie your Vestige ID Activation will be completed. If the ID is not activated before one month, it is deleted by Vestige Management. If you have been deleted, then contact us to get the ID again.

How to Activate Vestige ID (Vestige ID Activation) –

1. Visit the Vestige shop and ask the shopkeeper for an order form of Vestige.
2. Write your Vestige ID number and name on the order form.
3. After this , mark with a pen in front of the products given on the order form .
4. Then give this order form to the shopkeeper. That shopkeeper will give you your products as well as a firm bill of order.
5. Once the order bill is checked, whether your Vestige ID number and name is written on it.
6. By doing this, your Vestige ID life will be activated for life.

How to find Vestige shop in your area-

1. First of all, open Vestige App.
2. Some button options will be visible on your screen, in which you will see a button named Branches.
3. Click on this Branches button.
4. After this select your country and state, then click on District Level Contact Point Detial.
5. By doing this, the name of the shop and its Detial will be visible.
6. Now find your area shop and click on it.
7. Then go to the shop in that area and First Time Activate your Vestige ID by buying products according to your need.

How to Vestige ID Online Activate (Vestige ID Activation) –

1. First of all, open the Vestige POS App .
2. Some button options will be visible on your screen, in which you will see Order button. Click on this button.
3. After this, you will be giving the option to write the address of your area, if the address of your area is right, then leave it as is, otherwise change it.
4. Then click the ORDER button below. After this, Alternate Mob from you. No. Will be sought If you have it, do not write it, then leave the blank and click on the Proceed button.
5. The category of Vestige all products will open in front of you. Click on any category products to buy.
6. For example, if I want to take Health Food, then I will click on the button of Health Food.
7. Click on the + button in front of the products you want to take, and then click the Proceed button below.
8. You will see the products you have selected, its point value, price. Check that Billing of more than 1000 rupees is done through Vestige POS App.
9. After this, click on the VIEW PROMOTION & VOUCHERS button and click on the Proceed button to see whatever gift Vouchers you like.
10. After that it will again take you to the previously selected products page. Here you click the Proceed button.
11. Then onlne payment will be seen written, click on the price in front of it, your total price will come.
12. Then click PLACE ORDER.
13. Order Once completed, you will come to the home page of Vestige POS App. Here, to pay for the order, click on the My Order button.
14. After doing this, you will see your order and a small check box button will be visible in front of it.
15. Click on this Check Box. After doing this, a green color pay button will be visible and the price of your order on it. By clicking on this button, you make Onlne Payment.
16. As soon as Onlne Payment, your Vestige ID life will be activated for life.

Note: You can also activate your ID by purchasing products through Vestige’s website .

For some other information of Vestige, click on the link given below and learn about Vestige and understand how you too can earn a million rupees a month.

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Vestige Registration

यदि आप वेस्टीज से जुड़कर लाखों रूपये हर महीने कमाना चाहते हैं तो संपर्क करें। वेस्टीज Join करके आप अपने हरेक सपने को पूरा कर सकते हैं। वेस्टीज बिजनेस में क्या करना है और कैसे रूपये कमाना है इसकी पूरी जानकारी हम आपको देंगे, तो देर किस बात की, आज ही वेस्टीज Join करें।

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

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Vestige Joining Online and Training Free

Vestige Joining Online and Training Free

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