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Vestige Products Price List in India 2021 | PV, DP, BV & MRP Price

Vestige Products Price List in India 2020

Vestige Products Price List in India – 2021

Vesties Products List with PV, DP and BV is given here, so that you can get correct information about Vesties Products before purchasing them. If you were looking for Vestige Products Price List 2021, then you have selected the right place, here you will get complete and correct information about it like MRP, PV and DP. Apart from this, information about Vestige business will also be given here so that you can do this business easily. Vestige is a best network marketing company in India. By doing this business, millions of people have changed their life and tasted success in Vestige Business.

Product Price List

Vestige Products: We have provided a comprehensive latest Vestige Products Price List in India 2021, in which PV, DP & MRP of Vestige Products is also being given so that you can manage your business account yourself.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a best network marketing company. The company was started in the year 2004 by three industrialists, Mr. Gautam Bali, Mr. Deepak Sood and Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh. Vestige Management has been working for many years to make the networker a success in the direct selling business. With this work, the Vestige have changed the lives of millions and will continue to change. It is the result of the efforts of the Vestige that today the Vestige remain the number 1 company in India.

Vestige has a wide range of products in many different categories  and all prices are given as listed below.

Vestige Product List 2021

We have prepared Vestige Products List for 2021 in which PV, DP, BV and MRP prices are also being given so that you can check your business account yourself.

Vestige Products Price List in India 2021

Products NameQuantityDP PVBV

Business Starter Pack

Vestige Neem100 Sofgels32010.67192
Vestige Flax Oil 90 Sofgels51517.17309
Vestige Spirulina100 capsules35011.67210
Vestige Noni90 capsules50018.05325
Vestige Aloe Vera60 capsules2759.17165
Vestige Amla60 capsules1755.83105
Vestige Ganoderma90 capsules78526.17471
Vestige Colostrum60 capsules61520.50369
Ayusante Procard60 capsules82027.33492
Ayusante Glucohealth60 capsules68022.67408
Ayusante Toxclean60 capsules70523.50423
Ayusante Vital Complex60 capsules76525.50459
Ayusante Kidneyhealth60 capsules65021.67390
Ayusante Liverhealth60 capsules65521.83393
Ayusante Respocare60 capsules62520.83375
Vestige Curcumin Plus60 capsules90030540
Vestige Shatavari Max90 capsules46015.33276

Health Care

Vestige Glucosamine60 tablets52017.33312
Vestige Glucosamine100 tablets81027486
Vestige L-Arginine15 x 10g132044792
Vestige Protein Powder200g68522.83411
Vestige Fiber200g77025.67462
Vestige Folic And Iron Plus60 capsules2408144
Vestige Calcium100 tablets2307.67138
Vestige Stevia100 tablets1404.6784
Vestige Coenzyme Q1030 Sofgels81527.17489
Vestige Protein Powder500 g160053.33960
Vestige Detox Foot Patches10 pieces120433.44602
Vestige Prime Krill Oil30 Sofgels125041.67750
Vestige Prime X Tract F15 x 9g110033.61605
Vestige Prime X Tract V15 x 9g125038.19687.5
Vestige Veslim Shake500 g135045810
Vestige Veslim90 capsules110036.67660
Vestige  Cranberry60 capsules163054.33978

Consumables Health Food

Enerva Choco Flaxseed Bar30 g501.6730
Zeta Special Tea250 g902.2540.5
Zeta Coffee50 g1344.4880.64
Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder200 g50516.83303
Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder500 g115038.33690
Lite House Rice Bran Oil2 liter3368.40151.02
Enerva Breakfast Cereal350g2998.3149.5

Personal Care

Assure Soap100 g300.8214.76
Assure Active(Men Deo)150 ml1634.5381.5
Assure Force Fresh Body Talc100 g521.5928.6
Assure Enchant Body Talc100 g521.5928.6
Comlexion Bar(Kesar, Oliver & Honey)75 g471.2923.22
Assure Rapture(Women Deo)125ml1655.1682.5
Assure M.E Face Scrub60 g2538.43151.80
Assure Hair Spa150 g35011.67210
Assure Hair Conditioner75 g2086.93124.8
Assure Hair Oil200 ml1404.6884.24
Assure Hand Wash250 ml1183.9370.80
Assure Hand & Body Lotion200 ml1916.37114.60
Assure Foot Cream50 g1414.7084.60
Vescare Insta Relief Cream / Vescare50 g1294.3077.4
Assure Bb Cream30 g34011.33204
Assure Cocoa & Peach Body Butter200 g44114.70264.60
Assure Deep Cleanse Shampoo(Oily)200 ml1223.461.2
Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo(D&D)200 ml1223.461.2
Assure Daily Care Shampoo(Normal)200 ml1223.461.2
Assure Anti Ageing Night Cream60 g2197.30131.40
Assure Complete Fairness Cream50 g1694.6984.50
Assure Instant Glow Face Pack60 g1464.8787.6
Assure Facial Massage Cream60 g2127.07127.2
Assure Daily Moisturiser200 ml2488.27148.8
Assure Purifying Cleaner + Toner200 ml2709162
Assure Sun Defense Spf 30+60 g2257.50135
Assure Clarifying Face Wash60 g1464.8787.60
Assure Shaving Cream100 g1013.3760.6
Assure Body Polish150 ml30910.30185.40
Assure Body Wash150 ml2598.63155.4
Vestige Face Mask (M) XLSet of 2140.004.6784.06
Vestige Face Mask (W) XLSet of 2140.004.6784.06
Vestige Face Mask (W) LSet of 2140.004.6784.06
Vestige Face Mask (W) MSet of 2140.004.6784.06
Vestige Face Mask (M) LSet of 2140.004.6784.06

Men’S Range

Truman Daily Oil Control Shampoo150 ml32512.18195
Truman Hair Styling Gel100 g2408.00144
Truman Uv Shield50 g46017.25276
Truman After Shave Balm75 g32510.83195
Truman Face Wash75 ml2307.67138
Truman Shower Gel150 ml30010.00180
Truman Scalp & Hair Solution30 ml2709.00162
Truman Bathing Bar125 g1073.5764.2
150 ml2358.81141

Oral Care

Dentassure Toothpaste100g652.1739
Dentassure Whitening Toothpaste90g1254.1775
Dentassure Toothbrush Multi Actionset of 42086.93124.8
Dentassure Dental Floss Pickspack of 201003.7560
Home Hygiene
Hyvest Ultrawash Liquid Laundry Detergent / Hyvest Ultrabash500ml32110.70192.60
Hyvest Ultrascrub Dishwashing Liquid500ml1775.90106.20
Hyvest Ultraswab Floor Cleaning Solution500ml1866.20111.6
Hyvest Ultrashine Glass And Household Cleaner500ml1976.57118.2
Hyvest Spray Application(Empty Bottle With Pump) / Hyvest Spray1 piece280.355.6


Vestige Agri 823x100ml2709162
Vestige Agri 82500ml37712.57226.20
Vestige Agri 825 liter3319110.631991.4
Vestige Agri Humic500ml49516.50297
Vestige Agri Humic Granules5kg60020360
Vestige Agri Moss500ml150050900
Vestige Agri Gold100g50016.67300
Vestige Agri Biofungicide500g125041.67750
Vestige Agri Nanotek500g125041.67750

Home Appliance/Business Tools

Sharp Air Purifier1 piece18500616.6711100
Sharp Replacement Hepa Filter1 piece332592.361662.5
Success Plan (Available In Different Languages) 1 book2000
Health Guide (Available In Different Languages)1 book3200
Distributor Application From With Id Card set of 51400
Vestige Flip Chart1 piece18000
Product Catalogue1 piece3200
Voice1 piece5100
Agri-82 Booklet Hindi1 piece700
Truman Guide1 piece60118
Vestige Car Book1 book112512.5225
Air Purifier Leafietset of 53500
Leading Ladies Book1 book112512.50225
Cd Dvd Pen Drive
Vestige Leadership Series Pen Drive1 piece6007.50120
Spirulina/Non/Flax/ Oil/Ganoderma/Opportunity/ Agri 821 no551.0316.5
Corporate Cd/L Arginine/Detox Foot Patch Weight Mgmt1 no651.2219.5
Vestige Idol Cd1 no751.422.5
Educational Seminar(Ndes) Dvdset of 44007.5120
Vestige System Tie1 piece4006.67120
Vestige System Saree1 piece195021.67390
Vestige T-Shirt(S/M/L/Xl/Xxl)1 piece4507.50135

Vestige New Products

VESTIGE PRIME SEA BUCKTHORN 60 Veg. Capsules85028.33509.94
VESTIGE PRIME METAMIND30 Tablets1,10036.67660.06
VESTIGE PRIME COMBIOTICS30 capsules45015.00270
VESTIGE PRIME KRILL OIL30 Capsules1,25041.67750.06
VESTIGE  EYE SUPPORT30 Capsules57519.17345.06
VESTIGE  HAIR SKIN & NAIL60 Capsules47515.83284.94
VESTIGE ZETA GANO COFFEE MAX 2 IN 1100g57519.17345.06
VESTIGE COCONUT OIL60 Capsules60020360
MACH-DRIVE NanoEnergizer For Two-Wheeler/Three-Wheeler30ml1,28042.67768.06
MACH-DRIVE NanoEnergizer For Four-Wheeler30ml1,60053.331954
Vestige Face Mask (M) L Set of 2Set of 21404.6784.06
Assure Night Care Gel Creme60g2709162
Mistral of Milan Showtime Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Coloured)3ml2608.67156.06

Vestige New Order Form Free Download

वेस्टीज प्रोडक्ट लिस्ट 2021 हिंदी

Frequently asked question (FAQ):

How are Vestige products?

Vestige products are very reliable from the point of view of health safety as it has remained the first choice of more than 20 million people so far.

How many products are in vestige yet?

So far, the Vestige have around 350 to 400 products and if added to the list if another Vestige brand named Vestige Best Deal, it has over 2000 products.

What is the rank of vestige in India?

Compared to the annual turnover of all the direct selling companies in India, and when it comes to the choice of the people, Vestige comes in the one rank in India.

What are the benefit of Vestige products?

If you use the Vestige Products, then it will be good for your health as well as income due to it. Till date, every shop that you buy, does it get income from there, not to my mind but it is available from Vestige. From this point of view, the Vestige have a lot of benefits.

Are vestige company banned in India?

Vestige is not banned in India and other countries as it is a very reliable company and is recognized by the Government of India.

Are vestige products good or bad?

The products of Vestige are good, there is no question of being bad because the company has been running for 16 years so far. No complaint against it has been seen yet. 16 years is a very long time to trust any company.

Is Vestige Marketing a reliable company?

Vestige Marketing is a very reliable company and the biggest reason to believe that this company is an IDSA recognized company of the Government of India. It also remains the first choice of over 2 crore people.

Is Vestige the No. 1 Indian Company?

Yes, the Vestige is India’s No.1 company and has achieved this on the basis of its annual turnovers and people’s first choice.

How are Vestige Products different from the competition?

  1. Natural
  2. Ayurvedic
  3. Chemical free
  4. Products with satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee.
  5. If you are not satisfied after using Vestige Products within 30 days, you can return the used product and after that you can get back 90% of the cost of the product.

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