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Super Thirty – About Us, Aim and Idea

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The main purpose of this website is to provide the right information to the youth of the country by removing many misconceptions spreading in health, education, and news so that you are not caught in any delusion.

Nowadays, through social media and other channels, lies are being offered to the people and they serve him with so much clarity that no one knows what is truth and what lies.

To expose all these lies and for the help of the people, we have created the Super 30 group.

Here you can see different types of information related to education, health, information technology, super 30, current affairs list, job information, and latest news so that you can increase the level of your intelligence according to your wishes.

Content of

Our group works hard to provide news and valuable information related to education, health, super 30, UPSC, SSC, exam, business, health, technology, sports, and jobs. We hope that when you visit this website and read the content provided; You will get as much knowledge as you want for achieving everything you want.

The main purpose of creating a Super Thirty portal is to give a platform for ethical and business growth for the youth of India. Youth people play an important role in the development of any country and for the development of the country, youth must have the right information about everything.

About Super Thirty Team:

Super Thirty Group is a group of youth from many areas of India who work for the well-being of people with different thinking skills and ideas.

We provide education, topics, news and other information materials in this website, so the information given here is not the idea of a single person, but as a result of the passion of the facts, there are both professionals and opposition in the brain. If any of the information given by us is mistaken, then let us know so that it can be correction free.

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