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indian horoscope by date of birth

By observing (studying) of the Horoscope of anyone, we can easily find out future incidents through the position of stars (constellations) with the help of an expert astrologer. For drawing (making) the birth charts of anyone whether who is male or female; in other words, it is very important to know about gender, birth time, day, date and place. There is a difference of 22° in between Indian and western zodiac. It has meant that if a planet is situated in cancer at 20° according to Indian Horoscope, it will be situated in Leo at 12° or 13°. This is the reason why we should not mix both these actions together, only one of them should be adopted. According to Indian astrology, only zodiac sign and navmas outline are enough for normal prediction. All the important incidents of human life have been hidden in the 12 houses of birth chart. The house of the birth chart is called ‘Bhav’ in Sanskrit language. It is not necessary that the 12 houses or Bhavs of the birth chart are similar to 12 sign of zodiac. They are actually changeable. All the signs are at the angle of 30°. But the length of a house or bhav depends on the birth time and place.

These are found out by studying one’s Horoscope after calculation like- age and death, shape-size, color and brain, health and disease, education and economical conditions, marriage and children, earnings, mother and father, brother and sister, enemy and loan, the time of accidents, etc. To determine certain time for starting work in a particular way, to determine certain time for entering ceremony of the house, etc. above said things are considered as very important so that such a time or auspicious moment would be calculated for these works so that the people living in this house could live happily and comfortably.

For illustration- The zodiac and navmas outline of the Horoscope of a person born on 8-8-1992 in India at 7.35 pm are as follow-

For constructing house or building, the birth chart of a person can be studied whose name has been registered in the documents of plot.

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